19 September 2008

what not to ask

day follows day in precise normal mode
all of our arrows remain in quiver
nothing it seems can act as force or goad
the journey's not made in ancient flivver
all is dependent on silent giver
to take us past what might have never been
the gallows raised upon the village green
such matters take a single simple course
and end in places that are now unseen
the sage must value man and never horse

this is the start of a long tiring road
ending at mouth of a large slow river
a standard gift or horrid curse bestowed
as blessing or as truly painful shiver
not something that we could deliver
this matters we find not a single bean
so much we say we cannot ever mean
the word in each mouth turns so swiftly coarse
the voyage never becomes transmarine
the sage must value man and never horse

our hope is never wholly safely stowed
dependent as it is on heart and liver
a sort of signal in a secret code
of which we can know only a sliver
enough at least to tell the forgiver
how to begin to set the final scene
and to command as if a king or queen
speaking in honour and without remorse
a gathering that we could all convene
the sage must value man and never horse

prince we escape and know that we are clean
of human wisdom all that we could glean
to the full limits of our petty force
do not attempt to fight or intervene
the sage must value man and never horse

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