17 September 2015

Student Bloomers Spring 2015

Historically, gender has constantly played a very biased and crucial role in society.

Mary was known to be one of the first woman to construct an argument that later lead to her holding a prominent place in political and social matters was turned out to be great for an eighteenth century western philosopher.

Olympe de Gouges believed that the best way to obtain equality was to allow the right to ensure that fathers acknowledge their children whether or not the relationship between the male figure was successful or unsuccessful which lead to divorce.

The education for women, which I found to be a great point was the fact that with education it provide virtue for women which is important when the women bares children because the children will be virtuous as well.

With that being said I believe 21st century America was an extreme thought back in the 18th century but because all could examine and evaluate the differences is why we are living the way we are today.

According to Mill an individual’s amelioration of personal quality and self-improvement is the sole source of true freedom.

If you don’t have self-respect than you can have respect for other people.

In the US when two races combine to make a baby, race that is seen as inferior, usually is associated with the identity of the child.

The Caribbean is not the same as the US.

The chapter on religion was very insightful as well because it showed how various African religions survived that slave trade and syncretized with Christianity and Catholicism.  Rastafarianism (Jamaica) is one as well as Sangria and Voodon. (Haiti).

However, I am personally interested in what the book has left out: homosexuality.

I am suspicious of the often suppressed Jewish involvement in the African slave trade in the Caribbean and was intrigued to know that there was a decent Jewish involvement in the African slave trade in the Caribbean too.

America cannot just keep up with other countries but better yet remain ahead.

This topic is interesting to political scientists because they are the ones that will be making the laws to deal with sex offenders.

It is important to have fair representation of all people in every faucet of society, and the palpable lack of African American women in elected positions needs to change.

These two topics are the mail focus of the research.
There are many instances whether the church and state is separate are debatable.

Although this is one of the American values we are instilled with during adolescents.

America needs to initiate more reforms to better their people and the country as a whole.

Because of some legislation’s that are currently active, many issues have been created, and confusion has been amongst the American people.

Throughout my research I will highlight the state of Georgia immensely.

Many believe that when a crime is committed the verdict should not be to execute that person.

America says that they are separated from the church, but yet and still do people get incarcerated because they broke one of the Ten Commandments that pertain to American law.  To clarify, is someone steals they will be arrested, and one of the commandments says do not steal.  Although it is not specifically stated that they are being reprimanded for breaking one of the Ten commandments, but for breaking the law of the land. Inevitably it correlates, but they are entitled differently. An American cannot kill an American, but the American Government can kill Americans. The regime of this country is said to be illegitimate with flaws that can be fixed. Once America takes the stance to initiate reforms to abolish capital punishment, many  will be relieved.

The African-American voting population in this area is 44.1 percent which is more than half of the area’s population.

In the year of 2003 President George W. Bush declared war in 2003 making the world turbulent place in where both African-American and the rest of the U.S. population uneasy about the elections coming up in 2004.

One may say the state of still has a prohibition hold on the alcoholic beverage market.

The church has had a hold on the weekday Sunday for a very long time. Most people associate Sunday as being a day of Sabbath. Many look at this day of being holy and actions throughout this day should be pure. This is somewhat of a problem.

Sunday sales is a convince issue for customers.

Sunday is the second busiest shopping day of the week and to deny the people to purchase different things of their choice.

There is no data that indicates, because alcohol has been allowed to be sold has no increase in alcohol related fatalities.

I chose this deductive approach because I consider this specific topic a potential cause of something and I hope to verify its effect.

Similar to Manley, Eric Williams also has been linked to vast prominence in relation to the foundation of Caribbean Politics and slavery.

I agree with Max Weber that commitment and practical results matter more than vision in politics, and I’m sure there are few other political theorists who would agree with Weber as well.

Women, slaves, and the decedents of slaves have al been oppressed by white men.

Weber was and still is considered to be the predecessor of modern sociology.

Abstract people aren’t able to get people in office.

For example, the church in order to keep a following you have to be able to contain.

In this Essay, I will analyze and produce an analytical analysis on Max Weber and his arguments regarding politics while providing a brief background of his writings.

The principal organizers of the Seneca Falls Convention were Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

John Rawls was an American philosopher, born in 1971. He studied at Princeton University and became a professor at Harvard University in 1962 and remained there for over thirty years.

According to Rawls everybody has the same assertion to effects of society.

Do they influence ideologies Barack Obama bring in Congress and the White House.

Negative liberty in a sense is when one possesses the ability to do something but is up against facing a negative consequence. For example drinking and driving may result in a DUI.

It’s cool or trendy for non-people of color to represent or be able to identify with the struggle.

In this Essay, I will analyze and produce an analytical analysis of  Leon Trotsky and what he would have made of Martin Luther King Jr., along with his arguments regarding politics while providing a brief background of his upbringing and the kind of  person he was through his philosophies.