29 January 2011

early in the morning

crescent moon sharp upon the plate of sky

one hour before the lazy winter sun

signal that my long day is well begun

with clarity that shows the air is dry

and cold at this still moment no birds fly

while urgent humans have the need to run

up the dark street for health instead of fun

as if the end was one they could defy

out to the world we go each blessed day

to find our pain and reach another dark

of calm oblivion and short time of rest

all the time knowing that we've lost our way

been baffled and come short of the true mark

in our misunderstanding of the test

09 January 2011

where the cord lies

we leave behind the warm and easy pace

in places where the past remains awake

in swamp and cornfield for the old gods' sake

while modern wisdom does not show its face

except at urgent need the hot embrace

of constant summer overcomes mistake

in the fast living of each pool and lake

with ways of showing that there is still grace

what we approach is not as bright or bold

the subdued pallor of the northern skies

cannot approach the deep december blue

that give us cheer is kind and is not cold

announces promise yet contains no lies

but expectation of a future due

02 January 2011

divine treasure

promise it seems is cloaked in a dull grey

to hide from us the honesty that's due

on thus cool morning so the normal view

is calmer now and what it might convey

about our place this ordinary day

is fully straight and not so sharp askew

as when the sky evanishing to blue

turns all to summer in a sudden way

promise achieved is not all we desire

once we have reached the goal and found it cold

past our endurance but still a-glitter

with intimations of some inner fire

when all that's there is falsity of gold

so that the staunchest leaves full bitter