30 September 2013

counting no cost

in the beginning we counted no cost
but went rejoicing into the warm rain
so now more grimly we face what we've lost

so many choices into the mix tossed
almost at random it all seemed so plain
in the beginning we counted no cost

as being worth waiting no text was glossed
for hidden messages all was just gain
so now more grimly we face what we've lost

a world more troubled a future star-crossed
no brilliant thoughts emerging from each brain
in the beginning we counted no cost

instead we are the ones who now are bossed
ordered about and marked with a sad stain
so now more grimly we face what we've lost

knowing that morning will see the first frost
that signals a new winter with its pain
in the beginning we counted no cost

so now more grimly we face what we've lost

25 September 2013

one more human deed

we  fear to echo what the sunlight speaks
in voices that cannot be raised too loud
for fear we might stand out within the crowd
or be admonished as monsters or freaks
so we are silent do not strain our breeks
in the assurance we will not be proud
of course or carriage nothing is allowed
to harm the tenor of our days and weeks
for normal passage this might be enough
but more is needed when we have to find
the kind of courage that you only need
when life has taken all your other stuff
and you’ve been drive mad as well as blind

yet have a chance for one more human deed

13 September 2013

the making of good luck

beneath the cloud is clarity of sight
where choices made do not entail regret
but only wistfulness that we have set
our hopes too high as swiftly-coming night
will end the journey still in our despite
there's magic against which we may not bet
so each must laugh while all the foolish fret
for there's still someone who can make all right
not for us here the option to renew
all the old answers that no longer serve
to cover up what must now be made plain
those monstrous forms that we refuse to view
or the old houses just around the curve

where we used to take shelter from the rain

03 September 2013

all work or play

before we cut the cord there is some time
to know the places where all choice is plain
and there is neither complete loss or gain
nor any hiding underneath the grime
for anyone the world is in its prime
we find it easy to remove each stain
nor is it hard to to show or to explain
the value given to each song or chime
while each one waits to hear just how the day
will be reported by the wisest folk
we will not rush unseeing  to remark
upon the rules that bound all work or play
nor those we take to be some kind of joke

that leave  us gasping at return of dark