25 December 2010

absence of heroes

no name will matter at the very last

when all the pains we wandered for are done

in the last drops we crave of pallid sun

and the dark bones we hate are being cast

we'll smile and nod knowing we were outclassed

by those we taught who passed us on the run

not knowing that the game was not in fun

and soon they too will fade into the past

all that we know is just a tiny bit

of the whole tale a mere partial story

which each is given for their proper role

enough to play with some essay at wit

although we all wish the full of glory

not one of us can grasp the very whole

22 December 2010

mark of distinction

some choose some wait but heroes seldom laugh

at life or fate that's for the braver fool

who enters action with a certain cool

and finishes the final paragraph

not in the weeds and out beyond the chaff

like any villain we who've been to school

refuse to smile obedient to that rule

established on the citizens' behalf

which choices made permit you to depart

towards new worlds where other pains await

not eager now as you were at the start

but better studied in the ways of fate

yours is the hand but not the means to guide

the angry heart away from paths of pride

12 December 2010

blue mahoe (in memory of John William Maxwell, 1934-2010)

the forest echoes when the mahoe falls

tall is the tree and strong deep is its root

at end of day even the staunchest bawls

honest men speak against all that appalls

their work is constant though most rare its fruit

the forest echoes when the mahoe falls

for just one instant fools delay their brawls

and bow their heads honour may touch the brute

at end of day even the staunchest bawls

at loss of friend we make our little calls

shed our few tears and learn it's absolute

the forest echoes when the mahoe falls

whether in calmness of the lecture-halls

or broadcasting to folk on their commute

at end of day even the staunchest bawls

knowing the silence that finally hauls

his voice away we cannot refute

the forest echoes when the mahoe falls

at end of day even the staunchest bawls

05 December 2010

pass in review

the words come clear by thought they're not unkind

and say those things that wisdom would intend

in careful thought there's nothing here to mend

so to say truth we're in no sort of bind

no trap no evil case has been defined

nor have we with fell beings to contend

our choice is clear the task is to defend

the facts about the kingdom of the blind

where anyone would go to find the pain

within the heart of he who built the fort

is not for me right now to speak or say

enough to note the hauteur and distain

for those who came up just a bit too short

or did not understand when it was day

26 November 2010

nine years after

edge cases are the ones we have to test

the bounds of who and how we are to know

not truly purpose but beneath it flow

with reason and direction to invest

both mind and fortune as at once possessed

before we're dragged down by the undertow

no hope of rescue since our hero's slow

while time is real and out here uncompressed

we need our little lies or so it seems

just to make sense of all the complex tales

read every morning on electric air

as we awake from satisfying dreams

not truly certain that we know what fails

nor why the trees are all now dry and bare