30 September 2010

the ravens call

after the rain i hear the ravens call

one sits a moment on the highest crown

of autumn hemlock then it wings on down

into the valley bringing on the fall

of hanging drops the evergreens are tall

in pale sunlight the day chooses to frown

upon my actions leaves are turning brown

on the wet lawn this cycle fulfills it all

inside the cat comes up to sniff my feet

fearful of noises from the great outside

but still desiring to know what is there

the sounds and silences of our small street

muffled so easily when we are inside

but sharp and carrying in the open air

26 September 2010

out of the cloud

out of the cloud one moment of calm rain

and silver light can overwhelm the sense

we're left with life the journey may commence

our path is known our purpose now made plain

even to fools nothing left to detain

the cautious watcher there's no great defence

we have to make our task is not intense

all is gone past that we have to attain

so now the summing up the verdict clear

on who the losers were and what they lost

paid for in full without a single word

by those who smiled and laughed in the free air

enduring all and knowing what it cost

but still rejoicing in the free absurd

18 September 2010


steam on the mountain road just after dark

we've brought our geyser with us this one time

and laughter in the moment seems a crime

which choice is easy though the answer's stark

you have to wait until the proper bark

get back inside and get back on the climb

when you get home you will wash off the grime

and wonder why the effort left no mark

we pass those places where the words of craft

are spoken gently where old wisdom sits

and are not moved we can no longer stay

safe in our skins to do that now is daft

instead we joke and battle with our wits

knowing that others follow in our way

11 September 2010

than this gift

nothing we have is greater than this gift

of light in motion on the eastern wall

midafternoon the moments seem to crawl

the music flows and mind appears to drift

from work to sleep always an easy shift

you're tired and your thought's not on the ball

there is no duty and no one will call

no need for passion nor any for thrift

listen the song begins and it is clear

coming a distance and gentle in tone

so many voices urging you to rest

with magic now upon the summer air

announcing that you will not be alone

giving the day that extra bit of zest

05 September 2010

on a cool morning

on a cool morning we may see the dew

settled on grass as butterflies flit by

in mild september still the world is new


seasons must change and time will have her due

others will have their honest reasons why

on a cool morning we may see the dew


through the back window this calm sunday view

of houses road and the late summer sky

in mild september still the world is new


when we are happy and our pains are few

the task today is to rejoice not cry

on a cool morning we may see the dew


before it burns off while the sky's still blue

this moment fits so neatly in the eye

in mild september still the world is new


we taste once more the sweetness of the brew

knowing the truths that life may yet supply

on a cool morning we may see the dew

in mild september still the world is new

04 September 2010


september and the butterflies still flit

from bloom to bloom trees manage still to sway

in gentle time in nature's smoothest play

while i am still alive to smile at it

my heart and mind have found the truest grit

is not in words nor in what good folk say

but in the patterns of the everyday

in ready laughter and in honest wit

there are no angels waiting for my soul

nor gods in the beyond with secrets grand

ready to weigh my spirit for its worth

i take this journey for a single whole

the good i do must come from a kind hand

and honest tears are good with honest mirth