27 September 2012

no choice but midnight

no choice but midnight left and this is hard
to take when day was joyous and so kind
that we were filled with blessings of good mind
but now few stars and every way is barred
vision is blurred and all the ground is charred
by wildest fire we have been left behind
by some harsh fate in this land of the blind
where all things good have been cut up and marred
there must be wisdom left for each to trace
the proper path to decent human sight
where everyone is worthy of their face
and every action leads each to the right
this is the hope to which we all must hold
that none can purchase though it lead to gold

19 September 2012

an ancient wisdom

no resolution ever fell so flat

as this decree though most sincerely meant

to bring all to their senses and repent

their every crime laid out upon the mat

as subjects proper for our daily chat

those matters upon which no true consent

has been achieved and on which we were lent

not enough time and oh well that’s that

when we have signaled that the end is come

to all deception we receive no prize

but only grievances a mighty store

since at the last we find that no one’s dumb

who comes beneath the censure of our eyes

but each believes they truly know the score

06 September 2012


we sit here caught twixt history and text
interpreters of one more well-told tale
another weight that's added to the scale
of knowledge what wisdom comes unvexed
by normal suffering in the context
of work and study long before we ail
or fade into the dark with one last wail
that's the hard question leaving us perplexed
the act political we cannot doubt
must be for us the central urgent norm
for making easier the chance that curled
within the force that bids each one to shout
the truth and nature of the rising form
is the bright hope of an emergent world