28 May 2011


what's given forth may come out true

we lose at first just so we learn

the complex tricks and in our turn

teach each young one to pay their due

expend a little and discern

what's given forth may come out true

each change will mean the world made new

by other hands and thus we yearn

to see the old fires once more burn

what's given forth may come out true

21 May 2011

in cold type

a story told was measured once in lead

the words turned cold and grey with its hard weight

but in our age we value fear and dread

a single message on the page was spread

to give the people the plain meaning straight

a story told was measured once in lead

meanings held firm in each old reader's head

if not on paper we could see the date

but in our age we value fear and dread

above the meanings that were sent to bed

as the last call of copy came so late

a story told was measured once in lead

where pixels and electrons rule instead

no paradise nor true human estate

for in our age we value fear and dread

up to the point where even we are led

to recognise the symbols on the plate

a story told was measured once in lead

but in our age we value fear and dread

15 May 2011

the water hole

there are no magic secrets in the mud

beneath our feet but worlds have passed away

while it was formed and our own great display

marks just a stage in passing drought and flood

each one of us from hero down to dud

knows that we have so little time to stay

and yet seem hasty to fritter our day

in silly matters that just waste our blood

time was we might have made some sort of stand

against the forces that push down so hard

to turn our efforts into so much smoke

but we are left with only a weak hand

remaining on what seems the final yard

and sense enough to understand the joke

08 May 2011

Student Bloomers Spring 2011

She also focused on women’s freedom of speech, our right to vote and thought that marriage was an exposition assent to reproduce.

Mary considered that just because women and men get educated in the same classroom and/or educated on the same topic doesn’t guarantee that women would be simulated into a man but it would promise women independence.

Gouges’ best argument was that women and men should be given the same equal healing in both public and private life.

Gouges sets down the laws of the land between male and freedom ultimately explaining that both male and female should be seen as equal.

Her approach the feminine movement was half of philosopher, but also a female activist.

Gouges was a liberal feminism who believed that women should have equal rights just like men.

I believe their arguments are essentially the same due to the fact that they lived during the same time period and experienced similar issues such as not having the rights like men endured during that time period.

This document [The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen] was created around the time of the French Revolution because the people weren’t treated as fairly as everyone else.

Liberty is presumed to be the people right to freedom.

The previous statement supported the French men right from oppression.

Through these three faucets women would have the tools needed to survive independently, should the need arise, and be active members of society.

Marie-Olympes de Gouges is considered to have written on topics that were long before her times.

The major area in which both Marie-Olympes de Gouges and Mary Wollstonecraft agree is that should the equality of women come about, the moral degradation of women would continue and would be a detriment to society.

The role of the women during this time was mainly domesticated duties and inevitably male subordination.

De Gouge also emphasized the natural laws of women based on the reocurrence of woman in the history of time.

Although both of the feminist concepts rectified the desire to only improve that which individualized persons, de Gouge was mostly passionate about the rights of woman, while Wollstonecraft sought the approach of receiving said rights, through education.

The prevelance of John Stuart Mill’s ideology in America’s early 21st century.

In society today, the United States of America have had numerous minority groups in a position of higher authority.

In addition, during the decade following 1954 more liberties were enacted to dismantle thresholds of injustice.

Both Marie-Olympes de Gouges and Mary Wollstonecraft we’re early modern feminist writers in the sixteen hundreds [commenting on texts written in 1791 and 1792 respectively!].

De Gouges writes that woman’s degradation steams from the subjection of subordination by men.

Even though there are several different religions like Jews, Muslims, Protestants, etc., France was not always subjected to the idea of their religions bedsides Catholicism practiced inside of their borders.

During that time in the eyes of the majority, it was believed that women were inferior to men and were overbearing and undeserving of citizenship.

Within America slavery has shifted to a non-existence. There are no entities who issue forced labor onto human beings and civil rights are promised to all citizens within the state.

He also wanted the people to have a clearer understanding of the candidates running for office positions therefore he thought political debates were necessary to determine the voters decisions and debate type of setting are highly praised during America’s elections because it allows the people to understand who the candidates are.

She promoted equality of the sexes and defended notions that argued that women were helpless and just ornaments of the household.

They purported to convince the population that the talents and abilities of women spawn far beyond the current assumptions upheld by society.

Wollstonecraft and De Gouges concepts of political and social equality for women are feminist concepts that have hanged the role of women for ever.

They both advocated for the advancement of women inside and outside of their homes during the French Revolution.

Moral degradation is also an issue that Wollstonecraft argued firmly for.

Gouges was considered a very bold woman for her creation of the “Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens” and were criticized by all her doings, but it ultimately paid off and benefit a lot of women.

Regardless of how they approached the situation, but women were equally important to the feminist movement.

On September 11th, 2001 the United States suffered a foreign attack by way of plane hijackers who crashed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon which killed over 3,000 people. The attack singled at serious threat to United States security.

Many contradictions where made in the making of such documents and many contradictions are still being displayed now in present day.

Locke believed in to get out of the state of nature we need to form a social contract.

Men who live in the nation civil liberties should be protected as well because; they are a part of the driving force of the nation.

In both of these documents there were not any rights to women just as much as there were not any rights to enslaved men and those who were not considered citizens.

The USSR and the rise of John Lenin were optimistic in attempting to spread communism as if it were a contagious disease that would affect all states in order to find a balance and force the citizens to cooperate with the leaders and do as they are told.

But somehow the USSR was a communist nation with characteristics that mirrored imperialism.

Russia approached spit between seeing all central Asians as Muslims and looking at each group as a separate ethnicity.

They are two different forms of government with comparable fundaments.

The arguable were the only ones answerable to God unlike that of the Soviets.

The Soviets created a strategy for maintaining Asians while controlling Moscow.

The Soviet Union was founded in December 1922 when the Russian SFSR which formed during the Russian Revolution of 1917 and became known as victorious in the ensuing Russian Civil War.

According to Goldman means of morality was that of religion; which denounce anything against the normality in the society. The denouncing of birth control by Goldman was a relation to women’s rights and was seen as negative.

Goldman shows comparison of how the prostitute is mistreated by law and society with that of a married woman whom are barred to child birth with absolutely no say in the matter.

Society in her view is having no rules, no regulations and human beings being carefree and themselves.

Women will be looked down upon as having a child out of wedlock.

Another circumstance is having a woman involved in a relationship where she is not in love with the man, but is forced to have sex yet resulting in children born to an unhappy couple or the woman that continuously having children due to not having the option birth control available. This creates an unstable environment for the child. These situations should not neglect the responsibility of female’s being responsible when having sex, but it does lead to Goldman’s point of having an option to sexual contraception and abortion if needed. Humans are naturally sexual beings. Taking away a natural process is neglecting behavior of human nature.

For example, some people believe that abortion should not be legal, gay marriage should not be legalized because marriage should be between a man and woman and the word God should not be spoken in schools.

Her personal and political views went against many of society’s social norms.

The prostitute becomes a victim because of freely and sexual desires and soon becomes marginalized and mistreated by law and society.

The fascist theory believes in a totalitarianism type of administrative system.

He lets them has no consideration for their own ideas.

A unified nation is in my opinion, a nation that if for the general will of if people and not against it.

The general will of the people should always have majority.

In other words the will of the state is a representation of each individual whom is a part of that state and the desires of the individual person is non-existent because the state is above the individual.

Confucius believed a leader to be benevolent and virtuous two things that were neither part of Mussolini’s character.

On the other hand, to deem the moral issue of subordinating the rights of the people for the will of the state is right isn’t well represented by any facts.

Women were sheltered from the world unable to have their own experiences, having their lives stripped of any activities that would cause intellectual stimulation.

Wells-Barnett primarily focused on women’s equality and racial equality issues and she pushed the two defunct issues as far as she could.

Well’s Barnett was an active women’s rights advocate and she was a fighter against universal suffrage.

There was many times where Wells-Barnett endured racial experiences while pushing for her equality as an African-American woman.

Emma Goldman was positioned that women’s characteristics and beliefs mount them into who they are.

She not only focused on birth control, but on seal freedom for women in general.

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, scholars of the 18th century, believe that capitalism should be abolished and replaced with socialism leading to communism.

Women of all ethnic and culture groups, although different, some had a similar interest in the idea of women rights.

Her actions considered her as the “rebellious one” to society because her freedom of speech and expression.

Emma Goldman played a vital role in womens rights with her beliefs of birth control, although during the 1800’s it was prohibited to distribute birth control information, Goldman did otherwise.

Because the mother is unfit, she is now intent with burden, the responsibility to take care of a child, the responsibility to provide for her family, and the responsibility to please her husband; because it was only moral to have children when married. She fought that women should have the right to decide on the right of the child not to be born and that women bodies where to be freed from the restraint of the government.

Goldman means of morality was that it masked itself as the concept of religion, which prohibited anything against the norm; which in relation to women rights refuses the idea of Emma Goldman as well as birth control.

In order for women to liberate themselves they need freedom however unlike Goldman Beauvoir didn’t encourage freedom from morality, but inferiority.

Women of this time were expected to marry, bare children, and be happy.

In essence, “morality” is simple because one must understand that right and wrong was decided by someone who beliefs were not the same as another.

If many of African American activists such as Martian Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Ella Baker did not go unquestionable lengths to fight for their rights and equality, today’s society would not be in existence, and the African American community would still be fighting for equal rights.

The goods and services are sold for far more than the price of wages which ideally allows the socialist class to remain on top of the working class.

The advantage of the bourgeoisie is the production of machinery. As the machine industry increases the value of the worker decreases, cause less of a need for the proletariat.

The SkhM-48 (a vertical spindle machine) was produced in 1949 and brought satisfaction to the cotton growing industry.

The most prevalent problem in Soviet Central Asia is poverty due to the connection with Russia, the countries of Central Asia are not able to compete with that of the Russians and the tactics used to ensure that no country oversteps them and becomes better than them.

In her book The Female Eunuch she describes how the traditional, suburban nuclear family oppresses woman sexuality, which devitalizes them while also rendering their eunuchs.

She used much humor, obscure language, and confidence in her writings.

Frantz Fanon, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Eric Williams all had similar and different views when it came to African American and Third World people culture identities.

The struggles of the English language are that language is very potent.

The English language was created from that of an older Englishman.

He too felt as though language should express clear, meaningful, powerful and sent.

However, in today’s society is hard to determine if one ideal from the aforementioned men.

He left the NOI and assassination attempts were sent for Malcolm after he denounced the organization and Elijah Muhammed.

Bogues sees the position that James and DuBois makes in line with the justifications of Marxism thus making the collaboration between the two.

In the development of radical black political thought James and DuBois in a historiography sense was important and contributed to their approach being a success.

Knowing one’s history gives an entitlement into where you come from and by what means did your ancestors achieve in living.

In his time George Orwell was a writer whom was very aware of the importance that language had in the political realm, both as a medium and a tool.

One may wonder what Nozick response would be to, if a greedy man were to make a choice to steal from a just man, and in his outcome rich, is that just?

Though women struggle to be equivalent to the man, women have the opportunity to prove their selves similar.

Lynching’s, church burnings, and tar and feathering are just a few of the scare tactics that white supremacist is in Southern Post-Antebellum United States used to keep African-Americans from exercising and fighting for their political and social rights.

Laws such as “Thou Shall not kill, “or “Thou Shall not steal,” are moral laws that protect people from extremely liberal people who may believe they can go throughout life without restrictions.

He popularized the use of the English language in a writings.

During Mary Wollstonecraft time period she based her philosophy on the benefits of white woman and black woman at that time was just looked at as a child barrier.

She in many ways saw prostitution as a form of legalized prostitution.

Well’s Barnett was an active women’s rights advocate and she was a fighter against universal suffrage.

People just can’t experience the full effect of engaging in politics without paying attention to every political thinker.

The citizens want a new ruler and do not agree with his way of governing.

Most people do not realize, leaders such as Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin were good men their tactics were just a bit extreme.

Not every state needs to always be violent or use their tunnel vision when building a sound political order.

This is in line with the Christian undertones that already consume our current political order.

In his time George Orwell was a writer whom was very aware of the importance that language had in the political realm, both as a medium and as a tool.

In the 1930s to reach out was the communist party.

Mussolini started out as a socialist. During World War one he becomes an anti-social.

The emphasis of national will is infusing in fascism thus making it a good path of a political order.

It is possible that in grouping black theorists together, each theorist can distort on what the other has to say because views can be so different that those seeking help can be misguided or confused.

In the North, Malcolm X approved for serration at one part in his life until converting to a religious faith of Islam.

The United States in in an error of redevelopment and vulnerability.

Political theorist has been around for many centuries, but African-american political theorist did not come around till a few centuries later.

Marley’s exploitation of oppression and poverty gave many blacks consciousness on the importance of standing up for one’s right.

In working the worker feels minus than human and only feels human when he or she is doing those things which are basic to all animal life.

Mussolini had Italy within his grasp between the 1920s and 1940s and emerged after Italy’s “The Risorgimento” also known as the resurrection.

Furthermore, both men where of either the black or white race.

Freedom is overrated and is no government has yet to fully achieve freedom, even in a democracy there are a number of people who aren’t represented which in turn does not equate to freedom for all.

Burke explains that human nature similar to Thomas Hobbes.

Religions throughout Soviet Central Asia are very widespread and practiced on a large scale yet they rival one another.

Kazakh planned to develop new functions, revise language amongst the urban, and attain new bilingualism to heighten their status above that of the Russians.

Post-Soviet Central Asia is the decedent of the former Soviet Union.

Since independence in 1991, Central Asia has suffered a lot of trajectory events.