30 April 2013

for all some light

there are no answers but the simple fact
that we have asked will make some things more clear
even to those for whom the worlds appear
as cheap illusions or as the abstract
daubings of visions that might not attract
the subtler gaze here in this colder air
what we must ask is that the wise compare
the truths of things and then that they just act
not all who reach this place have learnt to look
at the right angles where they might discern
those matters not for ordinary sight
yet what we find in not so secret book
for those who have the time truly to learn
is that there is each day for all some light

25 April 2013


in this stark universe no secrets left
for hawk-eyed seekers that's what we must know
to keep our minds still centred on the flow

of bodies moving with uncertain heft
from truth to fact like water from the snow
in this stark universe no secrets left

so what we find is that some sort of theft
has changed the weight of matters it is so
uncertain now and we are trapped below
in this stark universe no secrets left

24 April 2013

best means of good accord

resounding horns in deep glittering cave
not music now nor urgent call of hunt
a message that is both banal and blunt
containing nothing that we need or crave
yet full of meaning those who are so brave
may striking upward swiftly to confront
the enemy who blasts may hear them grunt
with sudden shock of nothing left to save
our hope is not in music nor in joy
of victory hard won by those who fought
without the expectation of reward
we seek instead the means to best employ
the tools of wisdom and the ways of thought
to bring about best means of good accord

23 April 2013

the better life

those places that are marked on every map
we drew in childhood to ensure our play
had structure in the mind that they would stay
solidly longer than the infant pap
of other games would drift through every nap
shaping the dream out of imagined clay
to make a brightness greater than the day
when ordinary life was only crap
from word to vision the true path is clear
so that you take it with eyes truly cold
through the divisions of a world in strife
with all the forces that would shred and tear
your heart and spirit as you become old
reject them all and choose the better life

22 April 2013

to win or lose in grace

all that we know has been subject to loss
of definition and of common sense
so we make of the remnant a pretense
and aim to sneak our last hard words across
the barrier between plain truth and dross
but find that we are caught up on that fence
lacking a guide and with no good defense
our coins have come up wrong side on the toss
no messengers will reach the happy place
where children think that justice is at home
to  give report now that is no regret
for those who stand to win or lose in grace
or find what's hidden underneath the foam
the seat is ready and the board is set

21 April 2013

beyond the eastern shore

far out beyond the eastern shore
where all our senses ought to fail
the howling realm of shark and whale

exist dim hints of something more
another place on larger scale
far out beyond the eastern shore

what's there is easy to ignore
the oceans are too wide to sail
waters are deep winds loudly wail
far out beyond the eastern shore

20 April 2013

the mistress of wit

not only sounds but senses we require
to build the worlds in which our hearts will fit
all meanings in the end must add to fire

in order that we see that those who hire
the truth in stages do not crimes commit
not only sounds but senses we require

to bring our vision to a place that's higher
beyond the limits where the foolish sit
all meanings in the end must add to fire

when what comes after means we must retire
from all our options while the times permit
not only sounds but senses we require

for matters that will lead all to aspire
far past the normal so that atoms split
all meanings in the end must add to to fire

that is the certainty life is no liar
she's the true joker the mistress of wit
not only sounds but senses we require
all meanings in the end must add to fire

19 April 2013

no way back to beauty

when after hard night’s sleep you wake to shock
of world everted by some horrid act
that frightens into childhood though the fact
is not so dangerous as to unlock
those charging monsters that good adults block
assuring you that though we've been attacked
the enemy will suffer the impact
and we will be as stalwart as the rock
the sounds of battle will not this day reach
our tender ears the voices urge stay calm
just go about your life and do your duty
yet they are silent those who ought to teach
the urgent lesson that there is no balm
to ease the pain and no way back to beauty

18 April 2013

when the waters burn

some answers teach us that we have to ask
in simple words but make the complex set
of terminologies our broadest net
the tool that's aptest for this ample task
of abyssal exploring those who bask
on  the warm hills they who will never get
how hard the job is whose feet are not wet
they'll not discern the world behind the mask
but on some morning when the mists depart
those who go furthest out may well discern
in the sharp moment of deepest desire
the one thing missing to complete each heart
at the right moment when the waters burn
with the clear light of universal fire

11 April 2013


now spring appears all verdant on the scene
there's weight of dust and water in the air
all eyes are taken by the sudden green

the change of seasons never comes quite clean
but winter's going with one sort of care
now spring appears all verdant on the scene

to reassure us that the great machine
continues working now the signs are fair
all eyes are taken by the sudden green

the starting colours almost seem obscene
after the starkness yet we cannot fear
now spring appears all verdant on the scene

as roughnesses are covered by a screen
of leaves and blossoms and now we stare
all  eyes are taken by the sudden green

of trees and bushes that we had long seen
bare and asleep so now a new affair
now spring appears all verdant on the scene
all eyes are taken by the sudden green

06 April 2013

cliff-dwelling swallows

cliff-dwelling swallows in the dryer vent
are a connection that we have to face
between free nature and the harsh rat race
at intersection of domestic content
where meaning  action symbol and intent
all come together in a single place
as bird and woman each concede a space
and neither knows just what the other meant
the niche that out of nature has been set
for me to watch as swallows make their home
is given proper purpose by the flight
of urgent swallows leaving as the wet
signals of springtime depart from the dome
of bluing sky and cheer  me by the sight

long after the bright spring

there are some gains from adding years to life
then there are losses from the very start
that cannot be avoided by the art
or skill that teaches ease of horrid strife
although the world with pain and death is rife
we don't just throw the bodies on the cart
and pass on by each of us has some heart
yet still we know we must go under knife
no magic keeps us hidden from the fact
that life's a process with an ending point
and not some bird forever on the wing
this play must reach at last the closing act
the times must be put into proper joint
and winter come long after the bright spring

04 April 2013

line of sight

so now we measure trust by line of sight
as all depart in wonder at the rain
not knowing what the new day might contain
but happy that they've made it past the night
just one more time in this uncertain light
no one is guaranteed surcease of pain
but all are pleased and they will not complain
out of sheer gladness at escape from blight
we are not clear just what is the true rule
with which to govern those who always tell
the human story from the underside
since they have learnt it in a horrid school
where life comes down to touch and taste and smell
and there's no room for any thought of pride