31 May 2013

the centre of the world

at istanbul the line is swift
faces are warm the world is here
we have the journey as our gift

all landed safe none cast adrift
no crisis left to engineer
at istanbul the line is swift

we're moved along all hearts must lift
as each direction comes out clear
we have the journey as our gift

no simple one so for our thrift
we've been repaid and very dear
at istanbul the line is swift

but none can say that they've been stiffed
as cost of entry will appear
we have the journey as our gift

though we come far and have to sift
through memories made everywhere
at istanbul the line is swift

we have the journey as our gift

25 May 2013

starlit time

no accident of language catches quite
the changing shades of meaning that reflect
not what is said but what we could reject
if well presented to our proper sight
but when we take as given in due right
and not as secrets of some hidden sect
they are the matters we have truly checked
and we are lost deep in the summer night
yet no one wonders at the altered state
nor at the clash of symbols that is seen
by those few waking through the starlit time
eager  to find a different sort of fate
but not to learn just what it ought to mean
nor yet the purpose of the long hard climb

20 May 2013

the morning chime

fearful and waking is no normal state
but leaden hours induce no better heat
than mental light and thoughts of long defeat
in bitter summer we're past the first gate
deep into the dark country bearing freight
of so much history still incomplete
all of it human both truth and deceit
all to requirement but none of it fate
so measure that we find the true belief
is what we know and give to all our folk
upon their waking to the morning chime
of bells that have not known a moment's grief
but ring the ending of inhuman yoke
and bid us all achieve a better time

12 May 2013

Student Bloomers Spring 2013

Both men and women possess different qualities that make each species special.

 According to Wollstonecraft, the domestic and social life is connected because domestication provides the foundation for public life.

She takes a more aggressive approach and directly challenges men to make a change in the way they oppress women.

During the early 21st century in America, there were certain rights given to the people, in turn allowing its citizens to indulge in experimentation and individuality, but the citizens are entirely politically oblivious to what is truly occurring within the state.

He felt that the ancients like to have the control over the public fairs, and the authorities didn’t want too much opinion from individual citizens.

This marriage bared a son.

During the Bush administration, and the time of Sudam Hussein one infamous prison located outside of Baghdad called Abu Ghraib, housed over fifty thousand men, and women in small cells that were shared among them. Vile pictures were taken with American soldiers standing by these Iraqi detainees in extremely compromising positions.

Not only does the U.S. suffer or succeed as a result of the decisions of the government. But more or less on a legal, and ethical standpoint mostly.

Is the United States still justifiable?

This concludes everything was still under government control, it however begin to see a shit when African-Americans emerged into leadership roles and it became more common to see Black academics.

I will also show a chart of demographics such as race, class and include required test scoring systems implemented by the state of Boston for students who are planning to pursue higher education.

Undocumented immigrants wanderingly search for an answer with no where to go saying; what’s next America?

This chapter will focus on the many facets that have been formed in order to provide Immigrants coverage under the 14th Amendment.

Gentrification has taken on a social and economic marginalization.

A Resign Design Presented to Dr. F.S.J. Ledgister.

As long as abusive narcotics exist and are being consumed and are adversely affecting the lives of many, this issue/topic will continue to arise and thus remain significant.
My personal interest in topic not exists because of this, but also because of what exists in the deeper meaning to what the continuation of the war on drugs may imply for our country and future generations in its successes and failures, which are certainly negative implications.

By organizing the information I found according to what I believe will be the most relevant working forward.
Although there is no direct security threat, the mere presence of the millions of undocumented migrants disfigures the law, distracts resources, and forms a successful cover for terrorists and or criminals.

Through the various efforts to control illegal immigration, many of the tactics have been focused on improving border control, numerous changes in policy, the of establishment a new temporary guest worker program, 
intensifying employer verification, and offering a small form of amnesty to illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

As a result of institutional discrimination in the allocation of desirable resources is unevenly distributed.
This was known as the policy of “repartimento,” by Bartoleme de Casas whom most well-known of indigenous members who returned to Spain.

The evidence of the US construction of the Panama Canal insured a definite state of interest for America to protect commercial securities and trade.

US companies invested a major capitol as a growing industrial economy escalated, but had major implication resulting with major public debt and creating a welfare state.

Cuba and Jamaica pioneered as dependent states from US and old colonial British, Dutch and French rule.
However, the Chavez brothers tried to maintain their own independence as leaders of Cuba and Venezuela which, slowly declined and increases with needed U.S. intervention.

The “third wave feminism” championed by Rebecca Walker in Ms. Magazine in 1992 contest that the twenty first century is not a post-feminist era but rather Women’s rights an opportunities appear to need defense, even as women around the world gain more inclusion I the formal political process.

In the study it is eluded to that due to decentralization of poor Black communities in Atlanta families have been pushed out to other areas.

I acknowledge that I myself could have down a controlled survey either online or threw face to face surveys, but I again point to my own budget that is non-existent.

Working men are simply the backbone of our functional society, the piece that hold our economic stature into place, and without these groups of individuals, no given society would be progressive, in addition, without these sacrifices and aid’s made this group has worked and development civilizations that can be recognized today.

Conceivably, Marx may have been in fact excessively secure about the human strength.

In order to utterly repress a class indefinably, one must break the spirit and leaving them to assume that there is no chance for neither advancement or progress.

In his speech Weber claim that politicians should be willing to commit themselves to both practical and passion in order to have a vocation for politics.

For many centuries there have been political philosophers and advocates that have gone in depth to convey and persuade their own beliefs on how the state should be involved in regulating the governing body of a society.

It was not until Goldman spent several years in America until her anarchical believes began to prepare and fester. She became known for her anarchical theories, being a feminist and a birth control activist.

This book argues in favor of tighter national security so that immigrants cannot reside illegally within the U.S. along with stealing its recourses.

Atlanta, Georgia is the ninth largest U.S. City in America.

The United States is known as the free world, it is where human rights, liberty and law have always meant a lot to not only our “founding fathers” but also citizens before us.

One infamous prisoner in particular Khalid Shaikh Mohammed who was transferred to Guantanamo bay, which is a detention camp who is known to be the mastermind behind 9/11, was said to be waterboarded one hundred and eighty-three times in 2003 according to a 2005 memo released by the justice department.

As a result since torture is illegal a trial couldn’t be set up for their enemies, but in turn they had to be executed.

England, Scotland, and Great Britain were regions that Wells-Barnett toured in order to bring awareness to foreign leaders concerning her anti-lynching campaign.

In essence, the basis of Berlin’s preference and argument was that no society is free unless power is prevented from becoming absolute and three is a sphere of liberty where people can act as they choose.
According to Rawls, everyone has the same assertion to effects of society and “the basic right of any individual, before further considerations are taken into account, must be to an equal share in material wealth.”

In Sir Isaiah Berlin’s 1958 “Two concepts of Liberty”, he expands on the ideological senses attached to the word liberty to derive a new conceptual meaning, fitting to the era of that time.

He writes that whites still think that they are inferior to other people of color and it shows throughout history that this is not changing.

There is a good side and negative aspect to this coin.

This thesis will future prove the affects that tourism has on native Hawaiian culture and policies that support tourism and it negative impacts it has on native Hawaiians.

After being admitted to the Union in 1959 and the “illegal overthrow OF Hawaii’s native monarch in 1993; the United States has not given native Hawaiians legal claim to their native land.

The ideal of strict drug enforcement laws having a direct effect on the increase of crime rates is a topic that has not been completely explored and divulged into.

The City of Atlanta is a major pulse in the U.S. and South Eastern Atlantic Region of the U.S.

It is suggested that all these great woks are by design to keep Blacks out and mentally enslaved.

In conclusion my hypothesis was proven right that the pole and the government are not doing their jobs to help combat man trafficking.

As long as abusive narcotics exist and are being consumed and are adversely affecting the lives of many, this issue/topic will continue to arise and thus remain significant.

Politically a nation is trying to accomplish a promising transformation reducing “the vulnerability of a nation”.

The difference in come for Charlestown and Newton is 16% showing that Newton residence earn more than residents in Charlestown.

Catherine MacKinnon is a current feminist who obviously advocates strongly for human and woman’s rights as well.

It is an important piece of literature because she divided it into three different appendixes.  I will only cover two of those appendixes because I deemed the other two very important.

I should be required to undergo review if the old methods and laws do not fit a particular case that has been brought forth to the courts.

The bad news though is that the success stories are rear.

We now know that the colonization of countries have had many cases of negative effects; division of land resulting in a need to result to crime such as piracy which establishes a weak centralized government if we analyze Somalia, Africa.

As a result, scholars such as Walter Rodney, Eric Williams, Frantz Fanon, Robert Marley and others began trying to answer the questions of oppression using post-colonial thought.

Nevertheless, the issues and oppression is argued by Rodney to be a result of colonization but wither he is able to make a difference or not he believed that it was time for a new world to begin.

Williams believes in the majority because actions are what creates results and success of independence dependence on the actions.

Frantz Fanon, 1925-1961, takes not that from the 15th century to the 20th century that Western Powers colonized much of the Non-Western world.

In one of Marley’s famous songs, “Get Up, Stand Up,” he sings a chorus that says, “Get up, stand up – stand up for your rights! Get up, stand up – don’t five up the fight!”  This song became interesting because during that time Marley was probating the lack of domination and oppression in Jamaica.

Marley believed he was a profit who was meant to use his artistic ability to promote social change.
Animals need the chance to be free and lie animal life.

His focus was also to make Trinidad apart of the intellectual known.

Grabbing colonialism by the head on the first encounter and ripping it shreds would be Frantz Fanon’s ideal scenario of a way to get out of colonialism.

The current story of Haitians in the media brings about racist thought among people in the world.

To provide some background, Grenada was the first Caribbean country that spoke English.

This dilemma was not a concept or focus for humanitarian and in the disaster relief efforts.

IHRC did not properly regulate the misuse of appropriated funds.

However, Puerto Rico adapted to the control of the U.S. as a US territory.

Between 1950 to 1980 women labors were integrated in global industrialized development policies.

Ghost towns were also urban slums.

While the female population exploded, the Puerto Rican population grew greatly per square mile.

Many educated women were also nontraditional females.

the true republic

the true republic lies beneath the sea
a single bound will take you straightway there
it's our first homeland where we were born free

look where the master will not let you see
far past the fictive kingdoms of the air
the true republic lies beneath the sea

no effort's needed for each one to flee
just leave right now and be at ease from care
it's our first homeland where we were born free

where we learnt justice at our mother's knee
return' so easy we just have to dare
the true republic lies beneath the sea

not far at all we note the mango tree
the purple bloom the old man on his chair
it's our first homeland where we were born free

the place of order where we long to be
and it is simple to end the affair
the true republic lies beneath the sea
it's our first homeland where we were born free

07 May 2013

the seeking eye

the seeking eye that even seems to speak
of urgent matters at an early time
is the best weapon wielded by the weak

not in the option given to the meek
to keep heads lowered as the sweet bells chime
the seeking eye that even seems to speak

looks through a wall apparently unique
but hidden in its recesses and grime
is the best weapon wielded by the weak

a simple tool not modern nor antique
whose users have come under in their prime
the seeking eye that even seems to speak

and not been frighted they are past critique
able to know just where in the long climb
is the best weapon wielded by the weak

those who are able find they are to peek
in hidden places for the true sublime
the seeking eye that even seems to speak
is the best weapon wielded by the weak

05 May 2013

a better kind of tale

a missionary aching to be done
with all the trappings of the muddy past
shed the sad history as a worm its cast
be new and happy in the springtime sun
we know who has this and there is not one
secure or guarded from the sullen blast
of deep-felt hatred striking at the last
signs of old story shouting out they've won
there are some means of easing the old ire
of turning rage back into wholesome ways
of decent living yet we watch each fail
as all our truths are cast into the fire
just so a new world can face different days
and there can be a better kind of tale

01 May 2013

o povo é quem mais ordena

no one this day shall say they stood aloof
when the new rose first came into fresh flower
and none dared crush the bloom beneath a hoof

we would have faced a certain harsh reproof
no long before but all changed in an hour
no one this day shall say they stood aloof

nor that the entire fabric warp and woof
had stayed the same new blossom in each bower
and none dared crush the bloom beneath a hoof

for fear of learning just how great the goof
would harm the doer dread would them devour
no one this day shall say they stood aloof

the acts are real we see that there's no spoof
of change or meaning the old world we scour
and none dared crush the bloom beneath a hoof

today we saw the crowds from every roof
acclaim as honour took the seat of power
no one this day shall say they stood aloof
and none dared crush the bloom beneath a hoof