30 October 2011

forward to a different scene

the world outside will not let one alone
not for one second to breathe open air
just heed the rastaman on rastaphone

speaking his truth in simple honest tone
with words of import durable and fair
the world outside will not let one alone

but like a dog protecting its last bone
will growl and dart at those who only dare
just heed the rastaman on rastaphone

with such a message that we have to own
ourselves bemused and forced indeed to care
the world outside will not let one alone

not even emperor asleep on throne
who would methought have time enough to spare
just heed the rastaman on rastaphone

give up the past and head beyond the known
into the heart of humans everywhere
the world outside will not let one alone
just heed the rastaman on rastaphone

24 October 2011

duly noted and recalled

how fresh the world was complex and still strange
as we crossed shark-filled seas with little thought
of what bright magics in the clouds were caught
or what the cities past the mountain range
would have for us instead we sought the grange
the country quiet where oldest rules were taught
in plainest movement from old is to ought
from then to now where all we did was change
into clear selves who know the middle way
by just refinement of that youthful choice
made all rejoicing under bluest sky
for we who learn the paths and tracks of day
know it's no simple thing to have a voice
and far more difficult to keep an eye

15 October 2011

gaining honest sight

you learn the shadows do not hide all lies
nor is the truth what's gleaming in the sun
for far too frequently the tale's not done
when light has faded from all noonday skies
or wisdom woken in the youngest eyes
no not at all yet for each honour won
by those whose struggle is the daily run
through the hot lands there are no final ties
instead we face a constant horrid stream
of angry platitudes regarding fate
and what it means when we give up the fight
for who we are and what we dare to dream
in these dread times there can be no debate
since there's one chance to leap into the light

14 October 2011

where all the revolutions must begin

at night the sounds of aircraft blend with rain
lulling to sleep and then we're in the place
where trips begin moving at steady pace
towards the boarding steps and then again
above the clouds where everything's seen plain
in rapid motion back to present grace
with clarity we know can't be the case
facing a truth that's all shot through with pain
the earth still turns and darkness has to lift
at daily sunreturn we find each choice
to be like putting on a shoe or glove
a simple matter of the human gift
for stating facts in ordinary voice
once it is understood the word is love

10 October 2011

feeling the air

so now we listen for the coming rain
deceived by breezes knowing the moist air
is filled with promise and that it must bear
more than mere fruitfulness that much is plain
as we await the changes and explain
to eager watchers just how much our care
has been to guard lest each of them despair
and hold inside the messages of pain
this is the boundary beyond which none
but foolish folk will venture without charts
yet we have come here eager to press on
being certain now that this game has been won
by each of us through mastery of arts
that gave us certainty and have not gone

02 October 2011

the wicket portal

your choices narrow since the gate's not wide
but yet is ample once you choose your way
all you must do is set apart your pride

not just in honour but in the best allied
arts you have studied since your first calm day
your choices narrow since the gate's not wide

enough for coaches in which large folk ride
but humbler folk might still that path essay
all you must do is set apart your pride

from hope and anguish both yet never hide
your expectation of what we might say
your choices narrow since the gate's not wide

yet little matters since we will not collide
with foolish beings who will not obey
all you must do is set apart your pride

and just be ready to confront the tide
that still treats us as objects of its play
your choices narrow since the gate's not wide
all you must do is set apart your pride

01 October 2011

the dragon waiting

at longest last we reach the furthest edge
where wisdom cannot tell us how to choose
between young follows and a few old clues
close to the end there on the final ledge
above deep seas which no one dares to dredge
is where we learn the game's to win or lose
in one short moment when we clip the fuse
open our eyes and honour our true pledge
worlds shape each heart but hearts must form the world
for each of us in turn as we repair
to our last castles on the final hill
dreaming in hope of sleeping dragons curled
in some deep cavern far from the bright air
awaiting the command of our deep will