19 September 2008

sage admonitions

so much of who we are comes down to pain
we choose to fear our thoughts and not to rest
when all we have to do is just abstain
from acting and let others do their best
to show their zeal and justify their zest
our hearts belong to the soft flute and lyre
and all we do is temper your desire

your choice is simple come in from the rain
and leave to others now the daily test
some things should be as obvious and plain
as if they had by others been confessed
but you would move at their not our behest
to raise your voice in that abysmal choir
and all we do is temper your desire

you don't expect to go against the grain
without some price being instantly assessed
life is not life without some darkling bane
upon your body at some time being pressed
you do not hold such things close to your breast
but flee at once from indications dire
and all we do is temper your desire

to act with thought will bring you greater gain
than thoughtless action you would soon detest
that should be obvious and not arcane
this is no time for foolishness or jest
as better folk than you can well attest
you have to show your worth to any buyer
and all we do is temper your desire

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