09 December 2007

Student errors Fall Semester 2007

Dependency theory was a theory that believed that the first world actually hindered the emergence of poverty in the third world.

The European Union on British sovereignty and the rights and duties of the citizens is being questioned.

The legislative branch of the French’s makes more sense than Britain’s because the French’s bicameral parliament comprised of the Senate or Grand Council of French Communes which have 321 seats.

The Lords that are appointed as judges must have been barristers for at least fifth-teen years and have held high judicial office for at least two years.

All of the down trotted moments in early French government was simply the trial and error for the current and often admired contemporary government.

However, after numerous years contemporary Britain has dissipated with the Westminister model.

The operations of the Britain while arguably outdated with the leadership image of a queen and no formal constitution, it is a major player in international government.

The French unlike the British have escaped the figure head of royalty and developed their own sense of identity that does not directly discriminate against one for being born to the wrong family.

As stated Great Britain and France are referred to as “early developers” due to how they used their economic power as middle class to demand what takes place within their government.

For instance, Mexico gained their independence along with India developing into a nonrevolutionary democracy.

The study of any subject allows individuals to stimulate their minds and learn more behind their expectations. A purposeful reason most chose to obtain education no matter the level is to broaden their visions of various matters that take place globally.

Plato’s Republic asks simple questions as to weather its better to be just or unjust?

A philosopher by the name of Montesquieu was considered one of the most influential philosophers of the first century.

It is important for us to have knowledge of those countries with whom we are doing international trades and invading. An example of this would be the recent issues that splurged about after 911.

The Monarchy is headed by the Queen, who is currently Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and has been for the past 50 plus years.

The Queen resides over the United Kingdom as well as 15 other commonwealth areas.

Also the country and every thing we do in this society is organized by a system and every time there comes a problem the best solution is to put a system in place in order for things to run smoothly.

A democratic government has deferent forms.

In the same way, after the United States forms their democratic government, the British political system formed a more democratic republic.

French Legislature is broken up into a National Assembly.

Maybe not today or tomorrow but one day Britain will awaken to the dawn of a new era in which they will have a written constitution and no one person will have so much power that they can handle.

Under Frances system of government, parliament has less power than the president who is currently a man named Charles de Gaulle.

The functions of the [Northern Ireland] assembly are to make governmental decisions and to create legislatures.

The Republic system of government is one which resides heavily in the United States. In a republic, heads of government are elected by the representatives in whom the people have delegated to be represented by.

An example is that a nation where there is still racial indifference between blacks and whites where whites still feel they have inferiority wouldn’t have the kind of political system where racial equality is stressed.

They both feel that the highest degree of loyalty to one’s country is death.

Many of the early teachings came from the ancestral government and the way the rulers governed the land.

The gentleman’s benevolence can be demonstrated to people, but the just man does transpire without the help of the just state. One can always assert the differences and similarities of philosophical teachings, though most things being taught are repetitive, they still have a sever difference in background, law, behavior, and outcome of the nation.

A just state is one that seeks to filter the just attitude on to the people of their nation.

The gentleman is always first concerned with doing the good well, benevolence, of the state.

For a man to be just in the eyes of Plato, a man would have to be the decedent of a just state.
The United States has made an attempt to force their corrupt way of life upon all of the surrounding nations, which has lead to nations of destruction.

Anyone man can travel this entire planet we call earth and never find anything older than then what we refer to as society and government.

It was four in a half months after the Battle of Gettysburg, the turning point in the civil war, when President Abraham Lincoln would stand in front of crowds at the Soldier’s national Cemetery and gives the Gettysburg address.

In Thucydides Pericles’ Funeral Oration and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, each leader persuades their citizens that serving in war is worth dying for.

It seems as if Pericles is recruiting more citizens to join the war by stating the luxuries of the after life such as being buried in the suburbs in a public sepulchre.

The American Civil War (1861-1865) was also a trial for the Americans as while as a test for liberty and freedom.

Plato is very notable in many aspects of the western culture.

Adversely, in the army of Athens, advancement is unsupported in their fighting on foreign territories, for they walk away the victor.

Lincoln’s reasoning’s wee that their ancestors established a government whose basis was upon liberty and justice.

In the literature by two great philosophers Han Feizi and Plato both attempt to execute positions on which rulers should govern.

Furthermore, it is said that the sovereign do not exhaust too much energy but that his ministers’ function as his mind should, which do not seem any different from a factory machine whose sole purpose is for producing.

Although basic, his doctrine is prolific and fancy those is a position of leadership where his job is to breath, eulogize, and chastise.

The USSR competed with the United States for global supremacy consisting of fifteen Soviet Socialist republics.

Lawyers are a great facet to the world.

Women in the world of theory are not regarded with the same intellectual prowl as their male counterparts.

Pisan’s most notable work is The Book of the City Ladies.

Visa versa, if a woman cared more about philosophy and learning she was to become a man in her next life.

Any one who has read the Book of the City Ladies can see that Christine de Pisan was a religious woman. Plato, on the other hand, was born before Christ.

Niccolo Machiavelli was the first modernist philosopher who was born in Florence, Italy on May 3 1469.

He was no ordinary philosopher that came from England, Africa, or France, He came from China.

This man was able to give insight on the political index content.

Mexican culture cannot be viewed in the same scope as the American way of life.

The president also exercises police powers and proprietary powers in the premises of Parliament.

They are twenty percent of the human race, which signifies that 1 out of every 5 people is of Chinese decent.

China went from an Empire to a Republic in a series of revolutions and uproars which began from 1644 and ended in 1949 with the conclusion of the Revolutionary war. But the official founding of the People’s Republic of China was not until October 1st, 1949, when Mao Zedong (a notorious communist scholar) proclaimed it.

The Chinese people profited greatly from the reform policies because they mended the standard of living for urban workers and for farmers who used the opportunity to diversify crops and established village industries.

China’s military is one in and of its own. They have one of the biggest and precise armies in Europe.

After gaining independence from Britain in August of 1947, the organization that accomplished so, the Indian National Congress (INC) emitted Jawaharlal Nehru as the nation’s first prime minister.

India has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies, trucking slightly behind China, with a per capita growth rate (GDP) of roughly eleven decimal four percent.

The current middle class was bred from higher education, which was seen as an investment in the future of India, as it had proved in the West.

Mexico’s political practice is dominated by multiple things, but they are especially dominated by three political parties and one is stated in the above paragraph.

German political leaders were surrounded by strong neighbors who had designs on its territory.

After World War II antidemocratic values weakened do to the failure to win world domination, which shook many people’s faith in the fascist alternative to democracy.

They are both federal republican government but operate in different manors.

Becoming the President in Mexico is scene as a large economic opportunity.

The world is in high demand for the newest technologies.

As the Mexican government subsides because of executive practices so does the social and economic quality throughout the nation.

Newly imported technology is believed by the Chinese government to advance China into a high tech industry.

The Weimar Republic was present from 1919 to 1933 in Germany.

Once Nazi Germany came in to place, the hopes for all other forms of government were seemingly hopeless.

Many critics argued that Marx Communist Manifesto promoted individual freedom and wealth.

Lenin was the greatest theorist and practice of Marxism.

Trotsky was an international.

He was a consecutive fighter for interests of proletariat.

In those times USSR was so monolithic formation, the given event has passed absolutely without serious consequences and imperceptibly. Also easily and simply Ukraine could transfer not only Crime, but also, for example, Siberia or Kola Peninsula. Khrushchev firmly promised to construct in USSR communism by 1980, but as is spoken in one of jokes, Olympiad prevented.

The leader of the Varangians was the semilegendary warrior Rurik who led his people in 1862 to the city of Novgorod on the Volkhov River. The Communists under Vladimir Lenin seized power soon after and formed the USSR.

Khrushchev gradually gained strength within the party, and in 1964 he was ousted.

So far the European Union reserves the right to deny the Catalonian region the right to inter the European Union.

Historically, India was founded by a collective of ancient civilizations from Asia.

Also, the trade surplus was $27.95 billion in the month of October which grew 13.5 percent since 2000.

The reason why is because Putin has put policies into place that make it basically impossible for any piece of democracy to spring forward.

In February 2001, two editors of a Cherkessk newspaper were attacked with armed guns and badly beaten in their workplace.

The assailants were dressed in police uniforms and they not only broke their computers but they also broke the journalists’ bones as well.

The war has led to massive killings and coasted both countries thousands of dollars that should have been used to support internal issues such as starvation and droughts.

First off, the British imminently removed the color bar that prohibited Eritrean to be employed as civil workers.

There was speculated fraud in the elections and this was investigated and closely observed.

The 1917 victory of the Bolsheviks over the czarist government in the Russian Revolution gave them the wanted forefront of the socialist action.

Aforementioned the king is constantly criticized for his leadership methods and decisions concerning the Swazi people but no individual or group is powerful enough to overthrow his throne or the dissipate the monarchy.

They’ve caught the people’s attention by mesmerizing us with their Geisha’s and electronics.

Beginning on December 11th 1994, Russian troops invaded Russia.

There are mountains in the eastern region; on the coastline is the Mangrove swamps, which has a plateau in the interior with wooded hills.

Botha told white South Africans to “adopt or die.”

As with any scholar, studying those who existed prior allots for analysis and critiquing which permits one to develop their own theories.

Rousseau being at an earlier time period was able to challenge the ways of Plato and in his mind correct them.

In Hobbes’, The Leviathan, he speaks heavily on human nature and also the state of nature.

I know for myself, I do not want to read, re-read, and do it some more if there is no new punches to run with the flow.

As the writings of all three philosophers are marked by distinct periods in history, it is apparent that their distinguish perceptions give light to major concerns of their times.

Of course, this sparked some violate emotions, but the emotions were there; ready to be ignited, for a long time.

The history of philosophy can be viewed as the result of the work of an obscure.

When a human is first born into the world their intentions are to be good and to make a difference for the world.

Hobbes is promoting of conflict with thin society.

South Africa has faced many problems throughout its country, one being not having held three successful national elections as well as local elections since the whites ruled the country.

Cuba was also involved in this policy because of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Khrushchev was responsible for providing Cuba’s own Fidel Castro with missiles. The missiles were used by Fidel Castro to plan an attack on the United States. At that time President Roosevelt was in office had a spy plane that found out about the planned attack before it actually happened.

Historically and even still today women across the world struggle with having the basic fundamental functions of human life simply due to their sexual orientation.

For starters, in 1957 there were roughly twenty thousand prostitutes in Thailand and by 1964 after the United States established seven basses in the country the number of prostitutes and or women forced into prostitution rose to over four hundred thousand.

With this stay of mind it leads people to have false accusations about cultural differences throughout the world.

At the end of Clinton’s rain in office the U.S. was cleared of all financial owing to other countries, at this point in time it’s unfortunate that we can’t say the same now.

I am a person of color and I have learned to critically analysis society in a way that makes sense.

Next, Aristotle a Greek philosopher and a student of Plato continued some of Plato’s thoughts and also attributed his own.

Hobbes doesn’t pretend to hide the fact that he is very scared, because he is constantly haunted with the idea that all humans are brutish and want to live short lives do to their animalistic ways.

Being that they were prominent in the time when slavery was huge.

The law code was simple and went accordingly.

Plato was a writer of philosophical dialogues, a mathematician and he is one of the soul founders of the Academy in Athens.

The gods love pious since it is morally right no matter who is involved. To them, there is a being greater than the next when piety is in play. IT goes hand and hand with the 10 commandments today. We obey them because they are worthy of being obeyed and God approves of them not; we obey the 10 commandments because God approves of them. The 10 commandments are based on morals and so is piety.

Growing up his parents felt his smartness should be explored, so they sent him to Rome to gain more knowledge.

He did not understand the concept that the only one true God had at that point of time so; he decided to write a book that goes in to detail of Gods purpose of this happening.

His family disagreed to new foundation he had built for himself so, his bothers took him captive back to his family castle and held him captive for over a year. They felt as if this would be very beneficiary and corrupt his way of thinking.

When going through their works one will find a number of different views of governing and creating a governing system, but even though the systems differ they still center around the idea of a predominate class, which in most cases consisted of white Europeans, and secondary and third classes, which could range from improvised persons and or slaves.

Plato who was the student of Socrates listened and studied under Socrates until the day he died.

I believe government has secured the sanity and prosperity of all people because without government there would surely be chaos and civil war.

China has not always had a booming economic and social history. When the United States was prosperous in the 1950’s under Mao Zedong Communist China was starving to death.

Current leaders could be endowed with the idyllic of these theorists and use it as justification for how they correlate that top others.

Democracy is a form of the government by the form of the people.

South Africa environment is not the best in the country.

The citizens aren’t able to republish their water supply when ever they need to.

Surrounded by neighboring countries and natural borders, land is one thing that South Africa is unable to produce more of.

China is accounted for a quarter of the world’s population, armed with nuclear weapons.
Iran is known for its massive weapons and trade regarding oil.

Iran has more powerful nuclear weapons than the United States.

Those who are affected with HIV/AIDS are continually spreading the disease because they are unaware of the detriment outcomes.

South Africa is home to many different ethnicities and another problem facing South Africa is Malaria.

Johannesburg is a large city in South Africa and it is manly know to be a dangerous place for the citizens.

The poverty in South Africa is a means of survival.

Martin Luther gave us the power to think outside of what we are told. Him and his revolt against the Catholic Church.

The Chinese party went unto existed in the early 20th century but did not really gain its power until Mao Zedong came into power who established a few reforms that greatly changed the state such as land reform, social reform, thought reform which could be the reason why China is still communist and economic planning.

Next there is Cicero who created lawyers.

The government of Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country whose head of government is based upon a hereditary heir to the throne.

In its Economy, China has just acquired the rights to a new type of extradition technology for use in extracting crude oil.

The French model has evolved from a revolution to a republic.

The core of Frances administrative and political system is known as the bureaucracy, which was created by the country itself.

France is a multiethnic country that has become complicated with the assimilation.

China is a country that is run by a Leninist party that gives the country to right to bare as many children as they please, however many families tend to only have one child.

One may wonder how has China maintain a Communist nation for so long with out the people making a stand. The answer is that china use brutality to continue to rain supreme over its people.

The Macau Empire was very large on banking and Taiwan.

Many people live one two dollars or less.
This dynasty was considered to be a corrupt tyrant that was dishonest.

As beautiful as the different areas of France is, it is shocking to know that France is in fact listed to have one the lowest poverty rate amongst large economies.

In the book Machiavelli focuses on the newly conquered prince and attempts to guide the prince on how to maintain his power.

Cruelty should be used as a tool and must be used judicially.

The Greta Leap Forward (1958) was based on industrialization but it went bad.

The twelve Shiisms and the role of the religious are given to the legal scholar.

China and Iran are communist countries.

Years prior to them becoming a developed country china was being pushed out of the international trade, their poverty rate was at its highest and the crime rate tried to increase.

There are a few reasons why I feel that mexico was the most interesting mexico overcame their obstacles.

It is possible that democracy can uproot itself into the Chinese democracy in the future but the likelihood of democracy embedding itself soon is hard to tell.

This new future came with a large consequence and burden set on the shoulders of the people at that time.

Han Feizi can be called the “Chinese Machiavelli” because he shared some of the same political outlooks of those owned by Niccol├│ Machiavelli.

South Africa is a country on the southern tip of Africa and recently gained its independence in 1912.

Aquinas and Calvin were brought the idea of Christianity to the world.

With the knowledge of Christian ways and moral ethics we as a people were able to prove our right to freedom.

Another philosopher who built most of his theories on positive thought and self fulfillment was Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD).

Democracy means to be ruled by the person which is broken up into groups of government.

The entity of Healthcare poses great threats to lives and the livelihoods of all people.

I believe that Plato, Aristotle, and Rousseau are two great philosophers that anyone studying their work can achieve a bit of knowledge.

By taking a step back and looking at the whole picture, one self can study pious, self knowledge, arch of all things, and more.

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