09 December 2007

narrative structure

an idler lets the dog get off the chain
and go immediately on the attack
while we are waiting for the healing rain
not one who thinks this far worse than slack
but will do nothing once you turn your back
since matters have already been let slip
and it will take too long to get a grip
on what had been left both clean and untorn
we let the ones who know best bow and dip
since only they have any cause to mourn

no time to wait and let the classic strain
infect the ear and set each on their track
heading away from the last sacred fane
and ready through the bush to push and hack
not caring where they go nor for the lack
of maps to guide them on the long dark trip
for adventitious aids don't rate a blip
and they would not be seen sad or forlorn
the little dogs on their heels may not nip
since only they have any cause to mourn

we tell the lion by his shaggy mane
and note the carrion lies in a stack
not visible just passing on the plain
but easy visible by changing tack
yet hunters will grip tightly on each pack
and will not take a pause to gulp or sip
but put in many miles before they'll kip
though none will measures of true safety scorn
even with gun and knife upon each hip
since only they have any cause to mourn

prince you expect to make a solid gain
by stretching all opponents on the rack
their broken bones all thrown into a sack
for gentleness and kindness are stillborn
until your accounts are all in the black
and peasants cower alarmed in every shack
since only they have any cause to mourn

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