21 September 2007

malvern square

waiting for the bus in this village square
patience teaches us to know our true place
no secrets yet are hidden behind face
all things are simple in the morning air
most minor irritations seem unfair
but no one challenges our claims to space
and youth is mighty yet and full of grace
the world is big and we have time to spare
laughter is natural and many smile
to watch us waiting in the early sun
not thinking about fury yet or fuss
we have not counted yet each weary mile
nor yet grown tired of the long daily run
and this holds true i know for each of us
and so we stand there waiting for the bus
telling old jokes the short time to beguile
nothing appears here our fresh minds to stun
but easy subjects that we might discuss
or means to fill the silence for a while
that make our schooling be a source of fun
turning each negative into a plus
decades have passed and now i must recall
those days as paradise before the fall

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