20 September 2007

category mistakes

tell one to climb and they will surely fall
tell one to hurry and they're sure to stall
the one who answers didn't hear the call
and she who hesitates might have a ball

let each voice die and others swiftly rise
the one who pauses will not win the prize
a moment then we have to organise
you see your best through ordinary eyes

soon comes the night and then it's time to weep
the dragons come when you are fast asleep
through every dream the monsters quiet creep
you want to paddle but you're in too deep

instead of gold you've chosen all the dross
you turn a loser when you could be boss
upon the stone there's a thick pile of moss
you should be happy but instead you're cross

regard the tree you think of its great weight
time passes but you think it not too late
to do the things now proper to your state
you want first class but you will travel freight

so in the night you hear the wolf respire
and hurry but know you can get no higher
for far too soon you will slow down and tire
between the hunter and the hungry fire

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