07 July 2007


not before the day has broken
can we hope to see the fire
all we're given is a token
but we hearken to the lyre
let the day with all its splendour
show us all its wondrous sights
we will not our service render
we are freefolk and not knights

all the hours of our short sleeping
we have passed from dream to dream
in some laughing others weeping
and the end we find the gleam
shorn of any hope or valour
we are marching up the street
the noon passes with slight pallour
but our smiles no one will greet

so we have a time of testing
finding out just who we are
all are toiling none are resting
but we cannot see the star
at the ending of this tourney
there's no time to dance or frisk
all our focus is the journey
we don't think upon the risk

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