02 June 2007

when the tune ends

watching the dance one wonders what he sees
at any point the movement makes no sense
we know the movement's due just to the breeze
and the leafy branches aren't heavy or dense
the cloudy sky does little more than tease
and to a cooling rain makes no pretense
but right now i'm not sure just what i need
certainly hunger matters more than greed

one who observes might think about the sight
of simple movement in the pallid green
it's clear enough to us who have the light
but in the dark we're not sure what is seen
danger won't come with falling of the night
but in the passive moments in between
at this we might complain about the fact
but then we'd be accused of wanting tact

the elements of power aren't just for show
when they are used they'll signify or mean
and let us understand just what we know
before they fade right back to the unseen
life's more than just a simple ebb and flow
understanding comes from truths we glean
our swift beginnings will soon be pursued
by those who want to crush the multitude

at times we ask for things that we'll resent
when we have got them and we'll want to cry
because we'll have misstated our intent
and every claim we make becomes a lie
too late at that harsh moment to prevent
the loosening of the most valued tie
the music that we obtain from each liar
will not keep us from falling in the fire

at no time would be want to hear the play
of thoughts and concepts turned into a dance
we aren't the ones who laugh at coming day
but fall when night comes into a deep trance
because of fear that we might lose our way
and we don't want to give up our last chance
the ones who answer aren't the ones who stole
but eagerly will take up their last role

again we're asked just what we need to do
before the house can rise and sweet birds glide
on rising thermals that will take them through
to places where the brave might fear to ride
our so-called masters haven't the least clue
of where to go and when they'll take a side
because when they've gone down into the field
they've not the least idea of who should yield

in proper time the music should announce
just who will come to take their proper place
justice will hand out to the final ounce
what's due to each and what belongs in space
our betters will not fear now to pronounce
just who deserves to win or lose the race
but at the termination shall pretend
they always knew the proper time and end

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