10 December 2012

Student bloomers Fall 2012

Before examining why, it has to be understood that the ideology of a black political scientist differentiate much from the philosophy of their white counterpart.
Since oppression has been justified by the oppressor and the oppressed, investigating the balance of power between the colonizer and the colonized remains rather stable.
Jones believes that notion is making a mockery of some of the working class people who struggled and scarified for the benefit of their offspring’s.
For instance, recent revolutions in countries such as Egypt and Libya, partially spurred by the texts and writings of educated revolutionists distributed through various mediums throughout the world demonstrate what can be achieved by a few people in today’s world who deliver an appealing message to masses of people in a relatively short timespan.
As one who is interested in pursuing science on the university level, scholars must also understand that they must make correlations between their course of lecture and the students romanized need to understand life through personal experience.
As humans there is one thing that we need to understand. Human nature is not a fixed immutable time; the world has to be put into context.
According to Weber, new profound scholars have made egregious errors such as combing politics to science.
He compared Germany and the United States of the professional journey of a private lecture.
It is unfortunate that the great teachers knowledge that is of better quality is a waste to educated the current students.
Growing up as an undocumented resident, it always seemed as if immigrants bared the brunt of whatever Americans issues happened to be.
There are a lot of problems in the contemporary world that are worth researching.  Some problems are right here in the United States and some are in other parts of the world. The problem I will address is a problem that occurs in the United States and in other parts of the world.
Aquinas view towards the law is very complex and detailed.

The Chinese government also censors words or events because they feel that what people can search on the internet can affect upcoming elections.
A law must be publicly promulgated to good will.
This notion of government seemingly resembles to a government ran by the people and for the people.  However, going, back to the early centuries of times, where religion played a major role in contributing to the both the lifestyle and structure of a civilization, controversy soon raised once certain prominent individuals fought against the prime religious church having a direct influence on law and principle.
One of the most earliest known philosophers that encompassed a deeper and constraining definition of government was an individual known as Marsilius of Padua.
Totally removing direct authority from the “ruler”, or head of state, which was often times a religious secular, the power of authority should be entrusted in the people as a democracy for various reasons and principalities.
This would have a negative outcome because those that practice a different religion would not be able to practice their religion freely. In that case it would also go against the United States first amendment which gives all citizens the right to practice any religion that they whatsoever please.
Women who did not necessarily attend church faintly were often suspected of practicing another religion that was not in god’s favor.
Aquinas stopped writing on December 6, 1273 because of deep religious experience however he still managed to write over eight-million words of closely reasoned pros.
I agree that these laws/commands regulate the opinions of doing disobedience.
These ignorant cities poses people who are known as weeds in the vinous cities because they adhere to the actions conducive to the attainment of happiness.
Marsilius exerts inspiration from the politics of Aristotle to define the nature and function of the state as it relates to law.
Marsilius’ ideology reveals that by having a Priest or member of the church act as legislator, the state is allowing personal judgments to be infringed on the people based on the religious ideologies of the person in rule.
Luther also noted that the temporal sword was set up to punish the wicked and protect the wicked.
It has a branch of knowledge, and an attitude appropriate to accept the knowledge.
The capitol of Mineck was derailed in 1944, when a battle between Germany and the Soviet Republic.  The battle left rapid death, and the city itself was left in ruins.
Human construct a social existence determined by consciousness. Therefore, he [Marx] defined scientific socialism, as a labor theory of value.
Poetical economy conceals the nature of labor.
However, he suggests the need to implore cruel means if necessary to maintain control of the state.
A prince must have a tribute or capitol.
There have been a multitude of powerful women that have published great works of art that promoted there in depth feelings and disapproval for the mistreatment and dismissal for the natural rights sought for women in society.
Mary Astell was infamously known for her profound reports for feminist action and for her promotion of improvements for women in her society.
The human mind and psychoanalytic study of its methodology has been the subject of intensive research and analysis dating back perhaps to the earliest days of civilization.
The wife should follow the rules and laws because if she doesn’t then the husband feels that the wife is being the disobedience citizen.
The husband might let the wife voice some opinion, but the wife opinion must favor in chose of the husband.
To Hobbes an effective form of government must be a monarch; quite ready to recognize that a republic, led by an assembly of senators.
Due to the fact that women cannot go to school to be able to get a job is pushing more and more women into poverty.
Her statement is also very relevant when discussing a similar statement made by Jack Rousseau concerning the freedom of men, in which he stated that “Men are born free, but they are everywhere in chains.”
There has been a manifold of laws brought fourth by legislatures in order to create a stipulation that can quell various immigration issues, such as, educating illegal immigrants.
The tentative answer to this question is an unambiguously transparent position.
Education is said to be the key to success, however, many individuals disagree with that statement.
Because they are very open minded to new ideas, this allows descendants of China to become easy learners and adapt to new methods in a small time frame without much difficulty.
Unlike China, the United States overall firmly believes in tradition and leaving things as is.
Delligently, I worked to find the similarities and differences between the two by analyzing biological, psychological, and social context of each group.
She explains that men and women do different things but women should not be subjected.
Gentrification also secludes women because a lot of men are within the middle and upper class.
Along with those housing projects a pleather of issues such as high crime, poverty, and health issues arose in the city.
When residents are decentralized from housing projects they in many instances are moved to areas that do not service their lifestyle with such things as public transportation.
  This concludes everything was still under government control, it however began to see a shit when African-Americans emerged into leadership roles and it became more common to see Black academics.
While it is a reader-freely book it is not to be taken for granted.
According to the Affordable Housing Trend Report of Hawaii, the commercial development of the state has created an apparent gentrification of people as communities.
There was a time when the islands were quite and the beaches were calm.
In the years of Plato, Confucius, Augustine, et cetera, the philosophers thought that people should not act earthy of care of earthly goods because it is no good.
Cicero fended for the better good of the people.
During the classical period, China was consisted of a number of increasing independent states and some people wanted China to reunite itself back into one state.
Moral virtue is part of the soul being obedient to the rationale, it deals feeling, acting and doing well.
Liberty is the amount that should be given to other that a person would grant themselves with.
Evaluate the consistence, sources should have a lot of disagrees and agrees to prove the point of the paper.
It is always good to know the difference between facts and interpretation.
To be free for British Colonial powers was the main objective of his reason for writing the declaration.
These philosophers rejected the papacy and the role of the pope as an authoritarian of civil government and moral behavior.
Rousseau was also one that was concerned with freedom because he believed that “a basic principle of society was the principle of all men.”
It also felt that the basis of society was the people in it wanted to continuously exist.
He basically says that you must destroy the city and live in it.
The fight for liberty was the result of people not ruling the government fair and just.
The common good can be defined as the public that is morally correct and just.
Civilizations have typically been expansionist in execution, and possibly needed massive amounts of manual labor to accomplish feats such as the creation landmarks and buildings, the harvest of agriculture, household chores, and cannon fodder for armies; generally tasks that citizens did not want to do.
Seneca the Younger, a Roman philosopher dating back to the first century, did not believe that these practices were sound or warranted, instead believing that a master-slave relationship should consist of more humane treatment so that respect could be forged amongst both parties, resulting in a more fruitful alliance.  In his letter regarding the treatment of slaves, Seneca states that the former should be treated as humans instead of as callous property in order to minimize enmity and insurrection, avoid karmic retribution and ironic mismatching of fate, and to build a better relationship with one’s fellow man, expanding his/her own personal consul and possibly even his/her circle of friends and acquaintances.
It is imperative to avoid these actions because, even if some are by nature expansive, the pursuit of them for ill-fitting motives is a self-destructive endeavor that eventually expands to a self-destructive society.
Political Scientists should be interested in this topic because part of there job is conducting research to formulate conclusions on why things are the way they are.
I wanted it to be a topic that would be informative and detailed.
The ideal that men should have a dominant power over women is one that has dominated society for hundreds of years.
In modern society, with the creation and enforcement of equal gender rights and the increasing want for women’s rights, there has been an increased desire for a matriarchal lead in society.
The prince was a Manuel on how to gain power, keep it, become and stay a successful leader.
According, to Aristotle it is not east to find a median inbetween the two.
Social contract is the belief that the government and humans should be in an agreement among society through a contract.
In our statue of nature, government does not exist, and we are naturally free from society.
The historical governing parties are the, “Fianna Fail,” Or the, “Soldiers of the Republic,” and the Eamon de Valera,” or the, “Father of the Republic.”
His [Thomas Hobbes’s] thought seems dramatically religious at times, and completely secular.
What these philosophers were saying were it would be no need to focus on laws or liberty of the people if everyone is virtuous.  Just as Franklin, stated virtuous people are capable of freedom meaning they can govern thyself, similar to what philosopher Hume stated in his theory against social contracting.
They focus on liberty because they believe that the natural state of humans rather the natural condition of humanity is war like against all, calling it the State of Nature.
Confucius believed in the moral character of a man called the individual.
These Ancient philosophers believed that virtue was an imperative trait to obtain as a ruler because then they would not be swayed by profit or desire, because they see virtue as more valuable than possession and power illuminating the optimistic perception ancient philosophers had on the innate state of human nature.
In both cases, each group of philosophers though that a government is required  in order to obtain structure within a state, and the objective of this government is to secure the public good.
Being a Confucian thinker, Mencius did not agree with all of the Confucian teachings in the Confucian School.
Research itself is supposed to explore new waters, speculate observations, make predictions, evaluate, and conclude with results supported by the research.

Research is much structure and organization
Many of the current fundamental bases for politics today in this society, speaking in a broader perspective as the entire world, mostly governmentally operate of political processes and views that have all derived from prehistoric philosophers who opened the doors for the political scene of today. As it can be recalled, the majority of these great and well-known thinkers mostly lived in different predated eras of time, which would also reflect on the current struggling factors of their particular society.
During Plato’s time era, it occurred in the times where civilization and the formation of government were in its beginning stages of development.
Cicero was alive during the same major timeline era as Plato and Mozi, being only within only a few hundred years apart.
Marcus Tullius Cicero is a prime example that to show that his specific mentions and concern for virtue was in fact associated to his present societial status.
Hobbes was an interesting thinker that derived from Britain.
Taking a look back in world history, there have been many wars that have resulted in multiple countries making formal agreements to side and become partnering allies for one another in the hopes of being the winning and successful nation.
All of these circumstances revolve around a central concept on liberal internationalism that focuses on continuing the efforts of central world peach.
There are many good things and band things about war.
Kant also argues that the aggressive interests of absolutist monarchies and ingrain the habit of respect for individual rights.

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