01 May 2011

chant royal for may day

we did not ask for change but still it came

with waving banner and in angry shout

for then our people showed not calm nor tame

but like a flood after long years of drought

that was the moment when the word was rage

that marked the turning of the ancient page

when cities smouldered and when fields were burned

governors fled and parliaments adjourned

in such a time the truth must come in play

the sacred hour of those who once were spurned

who come from darkness into proper day

no one expects the world will stay the same

nor that the light will once again go out

now that all eyes have seen its cheery flame

and minds have been resolved from fear and doubt

by understanding of the proper wage

now to be gained and nothing will assuage

the incensed feelings of the hearts that turned

truly to freedom as the wild waves churned

on the bright shore and we saw the array

of those once vanished who had now returned

who come from darkness into proper day

the story now is not a silly game

nor is it simply nonsense that we spout

about the ending of all hate and shame

now that the old injustice is thrown out

and a new order walks upon the stage

when ordinary folk may shape the age

a better land may some day be discerned

where each achieves the honest pay they earned

and plain respect when their dark hair turns grey

both simple things as far as we're concerned

who come from darkness into proper day

prince we apologise you were interned

your titles stripped and your petitions spurned

your words ignored and servants gone away

but we are with some other things concerned

who come from darkness into proper day

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