18 November 2010

main street after main street

no reason for your heart to get the joke

we took the road and followed every twist

found villages that time seemed to have missed

and watched the sun come out from autumn's cloak

into a world we wanted to evoke

for younger selves but that could not exist

where light and warmth burnt off the silly mist

and foolish wishes turned into thin smoke

smile now at folly and give measured praise

for what must be and grant the purpose set

that we must give a lead to urgent youth

who wish to set the turning world ablaze

as we did once before we learnt regret

and found our tiny corner of the truth


flying eagle woman said...

I stumbled here by accident...ended up staying to read over and over again - I'm following:-)

FSJL said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoy the poems.

rediscovery said...

On my road to discovery I have discovered a wonderful Jamaican poet...one of the best 14 lines I have read in a while.

FSJL said...