17 December 2009

Student Bloomers Fall 2009

The issue I have is the same one we are facing now, in the year 2734 how are we going to make sure that rules and regulations are being enforced in the court system.

In doing this the court condemned blacks to endure to mare that a half century of more social inequality.

Congressional oversight is practiced by Congress.

Money makes the world go round and keeps us striving as an economy.

So what about the people who are naturally born citizens. Those who have not yet seen themselves flourish into the individuals they all inspired to be.

The main place for racial and gender inequalities would have to be the workplace.

Is Congress doing a good job these days? Well, America certainly does not thinks so. The tragic shootings in Alabama and in Germany likely will increase calls for stricter gun control. Do Americans want that?

It is said to be believed that the Generation Ys are the offspring's of the Baby Boomers.

Slavery is a thing of the past but there are still many African Americans who could break the cycle of poverty and crime.

Developmental theories frequently change.

Colonialism was loosing its grip in both Europe and the United States. The world was no longer a vast expansive territory.

With new problems in development, global worming, sound technologies, pollution, etc., first world countries cannot continue to pay the cost of their development.

Anthropologists, Catholics, Protestants, all have various views of human development.

On the other hand, a democracy is the representation of the people therefore political order determines the people because they have elections to decide who they want in office.

I will also make the point that if only philosophers ruled this would most definitely bridge the gap wider and longer between average individuals and these philosophers.

Plato's assertions steam from his upbringing in a prominent upper-class family.

On that President Lincoln argued that the Civil War was a struggle for the Union but as freedom for all citizens that would bring true equality that would create a unified nation where rights would no longer be dominated.

For instant the speech was given during the Peloponnesian war as a public funeral for the falling soldiers.

Both President Lincoln and Pericles have at additional motives along with an explanation to their Counties.

Education is very important in governing the states because one has to be taught the knowledge of becoming a philosopher.

Philosophers are trained experts who sometimes now what they are doing and try to do what's best for the state.

Plato was high in social status and his Ideology was elusive, his subjects ranged from political events to intellectual movements.

Life is unfair and not everyone can have a high sense of intelligence.

His greatest impact was Aristotle, but he influenced Western political thought in many ways.

He believes that on philosophers are suited for running the government because people don't understand matter.

I Don't understand how Plato can talk about a harmonious state when women and men are not allowed to be married.

My views and beliefs are more with Mencius than that of Plato because there are good and bad in people.

In retrospect, If Mencius was living during the civil rights movement he would have agreed with Dr. King, Shirley Chisholm, Robert Nesta Marley, Assata Shakur, Marcus Garvey, Simone de Beauvoir, and Malcolm X, all of which fought against the government to end racial equality between blacks, whites, women, and men.

One of the reasons why other most Muslim countries are so anti America is because of Bush not because American citizens.

We can count this as fact not an option.

If the two of them could actually suit down and discuss his actions as a "ruler" then what would Plato say to Bush.

The writings of Plato and Mozi have a couple main differences that Plato would consider a major problem and dilemma for the formation of society.

With no set of consequence the citizens were causing disgruntlement in each other.

The Meddieveal era was an era in history when music and art took center stage as the focal point of society.

A women was never the ruler of a nation, a women was not allowed to work outside of the home and were often subject to household duties.

The elite women were what are refered to today as socialites, ie Paris Hilton.

There are still feminists, because women are still viewed as inferiors to men it just not as highly publicised as it was back in those days.

Women should be equally as inferior as men.

Machiavelli also knows that conquer and fear may be used and that is why he states, "Thus it comes about that all armed prophets have conquered and unarmed ones fail."

Women in the world of theory are not regarded with the same intellectual prowl as their male counterparts.

Pizan questions whether or not women should be taught education just like their counterparts and why men think women should not be educated.

Pisan learned her intellectual powers from her father.

If women had continued to listen to the men, we would not be where we are now: educated and dependent on men.

The two philosophers are easily proven to show a suitable political category to be placed under by studying their differing views.

Han Feizi and Machiavelli both had philosophies of their own, in some ways they were similar as well as different from the beliefs of one another.

Han Feizi was born at the time when Hans state was the most weakest, while Machiavelli was born at the time when Italy was in a major political destruct.

Physical strength is the only thing that was inferior to man.

Though Cicero may not be seen as an extraordinary thinker to some people today, because of his works and how they were thought to be clich├ęd, during his time he was considered to be one of the greatest thinkers of the ancient era, also known as the 19th century.

Christine de Pisan was a born in and around the palace, under the king of France in the late 1300's.

Plato view of women differs from Christine De Pisan view of women simply because he gave women a role to play in society, whereas Pisan believed that women were just as equal to men and was not to be constricted only to maternal duties.

Women roles in society have been misunderstood, due to different cultures, backgrounds, and other rituals.

The creation of the United States as a nation was culminated on the shoulders of frontiersmen and those looking for a way out of religious persecution.

Colonists had to literally create the world they lived in, and by the time the Constitution was created there were citizens of America who had ancestors that came from Europe well over a century before they were even born. This thus gave birth to an inherent American culture, where some residents had never even set foot in the nation that held such a "tyrannical rule" over them.

The Royal African Company and Liberalism are far from one in the same.

You have no life and liberty if you are somebody's property.

Locke refereed to slavery as a state of war continued between a lawful, keyword lawful, conqueror and captive.

On the other hand Hobbes believed that peace is war in disguise.

Hobbes is all about getting back to a state of nature, and how we must give up unlimited natural right.

With the ongoing competition that exists in the state of war, eventually man develops a need for rest.

Thomas Hobbes viewed human nature as individual self-preservation and as a place of constant war.

Although they all believe in the social contract theory, they all conceive the social contract theory the same in objection, but there are many differences in the way they are conceived all together. Even though they lived during different times and places, their ideals still are justifiably similar.

Like Hobbes, Locke (1632-1704) believes to get out of the state inconvenience of the state of nature we form a social contract theory.

When human give up their individual rights they are essentially relinquishing rights that they were born with and should be taken away. A human being withought individual right cannot be described as an individual.

Nationalism is great, it is fgood to be proud of one's nation, and revel in their prosperity but Machiavelli went about proming nationalism in the wrong way.

Hobbes was an English philosopher knows best for his political thought; he viewed the world as a prominently unusual and immobile significant to modern-day politics.

Hobbes' myth of social contrast, he believed that everyone that will exercises sovereignty should give all their powers up, and they should only protect themselves only in defense.

Human judgment tends to be imprecise by their self-interest and by the pleasure, pains of the moment.

Rousseau argues that the development of the sciences and arts has caused the dishonesty of virtue and morality.

He was a royalist, meaning he was a supporter of King Charles I, whom ruled a monarchy. His views are consequently, pessimistic regarding human nature.

Man in the state of nature is a society, but people who are not governed and have no set rules to abide by will only look out in their interest. Men are not equal on all levels either.

In much of today's 21st century, one is continuously reminded of the societal impacts of the Ancient Greek philosophers.

Of Chinese dissent, Confucius is responsible for the school of Confucianism.

Mozi said that war was crime and was more serious than any other crime. He also said that funerals and other rituals should not be carried out with little excitement.

Augustine believed that because God created man, God should run the city because men are sinful and will not live forever.

I do agree that the political thinkers of the past have nothing to say to us today because the various political thought that they were developed in the past are widely practised, studied and emulated in politics today.

In this paper the works of Plato, Mencius and The United States government will be analyzed and serve as evidence as to why the political thinkers of the past have nothing to say to us today because History have proven these thinkers have had an immense influence in politics of the past, the present and also in the future.

The laws are the curse from God.

John Calvin was a strong believer of predestination. He believed that our faiths were already decided from birth.

Edward Long has been associated with Jamaican roots for heritages.

In this book Long argues that American Negros had the characteristics of animals in which they inhabited in Africa and have no use of quality.

He was also an advocate of political theory, but yet involved with slavery.

It was because of him the concept of some type of equality is present.

These political thinkers can provide insight to those that are currently in the twentieth century since even though the physical nature has changed human nature has not progressed has equally as fast.

In the United States, President is held to a similar degree.

Han Feizi lived in China from 280-233 BC. He helped find the legalist school.

John Locke was an Oxford scholar, medical researcher and physician, political activist, economist, idealist, and stagiest for a revolutionary movement, as well as being one of the great philosophers of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

All people by nature want to accumulate power. We are naturally inquisitive and we want more then we can possibly have in a lifetime.

If men are naturally inquisitive then they are going to want everything that everyone has.

If a person commits a crime they are punished for that crime and if a candidate wins votes they are rewarded for it.

John Locke believed that in the beginning of the world there was America.

Most of China ideas and thoughts come for that of Confucius.

These laws established by legislative powers must be arbitrary, but must be written into law and be publically known.

Our society lacks structure and obedience as though many teachings were engraved in.

A ruler is not bad and a bad one should not be tolerated.

No we should not reject liberalism on the basis that these men were involved with slavery and the avocation of political liberty.

Plato's theory the "Allegory of the Cave" tells can describe some of us who are a currently a cave with no knowledge of the world around us.

Aristotle feels that democracy cannot be fair and just to the people because it is ruled by the majority in the interest of a few.

Hobbes was born on April 5, 1958 and he died on December 4, 1679.

Niccolo Machiavelli had a somewhat dissimilar thought as to the explanation and cause of "power and authority".

But a leader who reigns humanitarianly and takes concern of the citizens is to be obeyed severely, for the generosity of his authority shows that he has been mandated by heaven.

Locke believed that when men crate property they leave nature.

Its roots can be found in the ancient teachings of Confusion when he speaks of "chinesness."

The past political thinkers laid the foundation to which we have continued to chip away at and build on.

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