27 September 2009


what we have made is not enough for song

so we are told by critics of the age

who always urge the young to disengage

and tell the old they are no longer strong

the middle-aged must see they can't belong

and therefore are required to quit the stage

it seems there is no text left on this page

that can't be so thus the whole tale is wrong

where we began no hero could pretend

to claim the moment and the victor's crown

but infant struggles of the teller's art

convert each listener into a friend

bring each lost wanderer safe back to town

and know the climax is there from the start


Paula Helm Murray said...

Thank you for this, I copied it into Word and saved in my inspiration file on my loaned laptop (hopefully we will eventually have enough $$ or find a cheap new i Book on the auction site a friend recommended). It Is going onto the stick memory that I'm now keeping religiously.

I've been a bit stalled on a new novel and this poem is great inspiration.

Paula Helm Murray

FSJL said...

Paula: Thanks very much.