10 May 2009

Student bloomers Spring 2009

Viewing France's situation from both sides she presented them with a compromising attitude and a level head, which was greatly needed in a country full of radicals, which often generated a negative response from men.

According to Burke Europe was founded upon the spirit of gentleman and religion.

Basically having both genders independence enabled into the marriage will make more successful marriages than divorces.

Marie-Olympe de Gouges' was born in 1748 and in 1793, she was executed for sedation "for having forgotten the virtues which befits her sex."

President Barrack Obama is an outstanding remodel.

His non bias actions and character have essentially embraced him into power with open arms.

To outcast a cultural because of the color of their skin is morally wrong.

They were looked upon negatively and also very subordinate of men.

Saying that, meaning that women are considered equal to men than before.

During the late 18th century and the early 19th century there was much emphasis on the morality of citizens. Any persons living during that time was under extreme pressure to adhere to Victorian morality.

Emma questioned how those who dictated social moirés could place such a limited and finite view on what was considered morally sound.

Society thought morally reproducing, even if the woman did not want to reproduce is right, also even if it harmed the woman, society thought she still should reproduce.

Morally society thought contraceptives or any form of contraceptives were not right as a result they were prohibited.

Being pregnant is not a wonderful feeling.

John Stuart Mill lived during nineteenth century England (1806-1873).

As a fighter of women's liberation, Goldman proposes that, Comstock's form of morality causes a natural decay that seeks to hinder a woman's growth by limiting her freedom.

Also, according to the text, the male must establish himself before he could come to know her passionately, but only after marriage, could he have sex with her.

For it, restricts especially the women from exploring her natural human nature.

For the past 222 years, the Constitution has been altered, and it will not cease to stop now, nor will any alterations come to an end in the future.

The purpose of the act of Federalism is because all issues that affect society are not also viewed in a national scoop.

While the morals of these men were in good taste for that time period it is inevitable to believe that the term "We the People" really included diversity of all the people, be today we hold this to be true.

There has been a long debate over whether the Constitution is a document of originalism or if it is in fact living.

Luther Martin (one of the fifth teen men who didn't sign the United States Constitution).

As time slowly progressed blacks went from not being mentioned in the constitution to slowly and slowly progressing on to the Constitution.

Plato based most of human's drive on reaching a level in which they could connect with the holly spirit or ensure a positive position with in Heaven.

When the groups goals are as one the society then can implement centre moral practise that, can transfer into generals to come.

For example: In 1955 at the early age of 14, Emmitt Til was drastically and brutally awoke by being drugged out his bed and killed in Mississippi for talking to a woman. His death was then justified in the eyes of his killers because the woman he spoke too was white and unacceptable in their eyes.

This is why I say "If you the remember that past you will soon repeat it."

The republicans and the general public main objective is Capital grain by any means necessary, no matter what race you are.

With the average time for a 30 second broadcast being $25,000, the common man cannot run for office.

Minorities and women have different challenges with subliminal exceptions from the government, but history has shown that they fought for what they believed was fair.

Homosexuals want the same rights as heterosexuals especially since there is no outlaw against sexual preference.

It is sad to say but people whom are not living in America believe in equality. There are differences in perspective views, which is still not the problem.

Most politicians are lawyers which of course makes lying a necessity in their field.

Gender bias, sexual harassment, and work place neglect were all the underlining truth of working women. This is an issue that stumbled into the 21st century. This is also an issue that was exclusively for white women, it was true for women in general.

Thus far in the data that I have collected I have come to agree and disagree with it's substance for several reasons.

Birthed in the 3rd decade of the 20th century, the year 1929 to be exact, German philosopher Jurgen Habermas, took his first breath.

With a focus on creating a structure similar to Marxism, Habermas visualize communication which then exemplifies a designed community.

If the current President Barack Obama were to be assassinated, people all over the world would want to turn to ciaos.

Dr. King's goal was to frustrate the issues to the point where it became an issue for the people who made the issues.

White women did have a certain inequality in the view of white men, but it was not the same monstruous.

It is naive to compare the two struggles when in fact the white western women treated non-Caucasian races poorly to coincide with the white male.

Being colonized is not a form of equal rights.

After a while it became evident that what the republicans where selling was not the solution to the problem, in fact it was broke. So Obama sold the people the idea of Change!

Why does voter turnout the US rank low among developed countries in?

Therefore it is power struggle and that divides the people and the vision of unity becomes dizzmo, and the common goal of making American a better place goes out the window.

This create doubts after all this become disbelief.

Most of the time their cries fell on death ears because of the harsh laws and exams that were administered before the voting process could even begin.

But for rainy day there is a silver lining in the clouds with a beautiful rain bo to follow for many blacks Obama was like a breath of fresh air.

To the Hispanic immigration was the flue to their fire.

The foremost target of internet has always been communication.

Due to close living quarters individual privacy was loss and deprived.

This particular non violent method of music to combat oppression was also used by Count Ossie.

Although the founding fathers of the United States Constitution set to make America a republic country, the fathers believed "democracies were dangerous and unworkable".

There are many reasons why the United States of America has such low ranking in voter turnout; three of the most noteworthy are due to the government's decorum, illiteracies of politicians and how the votes are calculated; if these issues are address there is a great possibility that the voter turnout will increase significantly.

Citizens believe that the government needs to focus on conveying the message of bettering, the country, state or city rather than focusing on airing out the dirty Landry of their opposing candidate.

Blasphemy is also a very important one, no body should be able to talk bad about anybody or be able to discredit a person's name, the only thing we really own in this life is are reputation.

Speech is the one thing separating man from beast and America from the rest of the world.

Limiting the rights of gays and lesbians is just a present day form of slavery in an effort to oppress a group who is only discriminated against because of their non-traditional lifestyle.

Black people had to hide in order to learn and were often brutality abused if caught in any activities that would bring them advancement.

Women face exclusion in every aspect of life. They are not allowed to have the same jobs as men, speak derogatory in public or private life, or have sexual occurrences like a man.

For example, Mack H. Jones, a Political Scientist, articulates in his literature "Responsibility of the Black Polecat Scientist to the Black Community" that the black Political Scientist should feel obliged to represent the African American community.

Due to the efforts of Martin Luther King and others, my rights are protected in the Constitution and that will continue to be significant until the end of mankind.

Europeans entered into Africa and inflected constant oppression with no known knowledge of the people.

The city of Nashville, Tennessee has undergone many racially challenging obstacles.

How many residences live in the house with the students?

Don Imus whom plays the character "Kramer" from the hit television show "Senfield" is also known for his statement regarding the black women whom play professional basketball, where he referred to them as "Nappy head Hoes" are current visible examples of racism.

Therefore the fruits become bitter due to many individuals have yet to learn the lessons of the past.

The republican party is full of middle and upper class white people whom don't pride their selves about the issues of the poor. The democratic party, which represents the lower class people, stand for equal by all cost.

President Barack Obama has made an impact on the United States in several ways that most Americans thought would never happen. With his race being of African descent, it changes the way the public looks at society.

In history, racial discrimination has always contradicted what the Constitution wrote in order for there to be equality along with horrible stereotypes.

The election of an African American does not disregard the somewhat devastating conditions of the black race.

With so much power being bestrode on American citizens being knowledgeable about all situation that effect America even Foreign and defense policymaking is a necessity.

Department of Defense is located in the Pentagon building close to Washington, D.C. created in order to reduce underserviced rivalry which was believed to have reduced military effectiveness during World War II.

But looking at the past, even all the way back to 1714 when Christopher Columbus "discovered" America even though the Native Americans where already settled in present day US.

Giving money out sometimes leads to its long term dependence.

Actually, most recipients of welfare go to elderly, blind, disabled people and mothers with young children.

Americans believe that freedom of speech is a form of expression that everyone should be able to express how they feel without any restrictions or limitations on it.

Political theory is a unique in that everyone has different philosophies and interpretations on what it is. The complexities of understanding political theory and its direction in the modern world are that it is ubiquitous.

He galvanized African Americans through a time of crisis but his flaws weren't necessarily modern world complexities but more of complexion.

King helped orcastrate numerous boycotts as well as the voter rights act of 1963.

His principles of truing the other check on dealing with violence.

He showed the brutness of injustice, but it could be argued his lack of aggressiveness and rebelliousness made was a weakness.

To thinks that all races can live together and are equal was outrageous at the tine.

While Rawls reshaped the idea of justice it was Karl Marx who reshaped classes and the core principles of society.

The key factice of political theory is understanding that there are many views on theory.

Their acts of courage as well as their willingness to be unselfish with their knowledge have whisked our world to a new domain.

But his thoughts were still echoed in the world throughout history.

Freedom assimilates with Liberty which is in a condition where an individual has the ability to act according to his or her own will.

Barack Obama is the newest president of the United States of America, and all eyes are on him to take this nation to great lengths that they have never seen before.

Bad English sometimes does not have a clear meaning to others.

Bad language can bring about many problems.

Sigma Freud focused on freedom and basically how civilization put limits on one's freedom.

Blacks and whites have been compared and contrast since the beginning of time. Why do people separate the two when we are all under one nation?

The point is that Ida B. Wells, Emma Goldman and Marie Olympe de Gouges were either white or black and this is not a reason to put them in a category based on race.

Bob Marley wanted equal rights for black people and he wanted blacks to free themselves form anti slavery.

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