13 December 2008

Student Bloomers, Fall 2008

Thus this group has attempted to raise pubic interest on the idea of constitutional protection to sexual minorities as well as several other topics but seemingly is closely correlated to some of the same principles currently effecting minorities in the United States as well.

Barack Obama is a start to help put this country back in the pieces it was 8 years ago, if not better.

In this elite rule, the people are unbeknownst to the ruler because they didn’t develop the benevolent behavior that the ruler is “supposed” to have.

Although taught by Confucius and Plato, philosophers, Mencius and Aristotle conducted their own beliefs and theories.

Good government consists of everyone playing their role. They have to live up to their title rather than for personal use.

All are given morals but may not be rightful ones.

If we are all following different morals and rituals then we may not be on the same superior level as others.

He was a great educator and thinker that is why most people followed his teachings. He had a different character so that is also a reason why he failed.

His greatest impact was Aristotle.

Just man performs actions according to the vulgar perception of justice.

Confucius and Plato may be alike in ways that they were not even aware of.

Confucius condoned the rulers of his time, believing they were not virtuous because they did not appeal to the interests of the people, and that quality is an important requirement for government leadership.

Compared to most countries, the US teaches its occupants to be more liberal in their ways of thinking.

A gentleman will also not allow personal, vested interests in his mind.

He is seen as historical figure no matter which was a person might address it.

Due to the fact that Walter Rodney has major influence on the majority of the Jamaican population it causes is turmoil between the political elites and the Jamaican masses.

This is due to the fact that the government made the riots and any event that happened because of Walter Rodney were minuet or frivolous.

For instance Prime Minister Hugh Shearer felt that Rodney was a potential nuance for the government, he would cause the people to rebel, and however the Rastafarians loved and admired him.

History is a very disputable topic.

The United States of America was formed around the European political system structure, and Europeans have often strived for advance by taking advantage of others.

I feel these are the factor Mack Jones was trying to exude in his essay.

For those who have earned a doctrine they are looked at with the utmost respect since they continued to receive the highest degree they can attain.

Rather or not religion should be discussed in the classroom has been an issue for years.

In a world where economic power rules the country and health care is hard to achieve, where citizens are more concerned with what they drive than the awareness of death population occurring in Kuwait, one can suggest that it is very difficult to suggest who should rule.

Confucianism is based on social harmony within society, with the family being the important unit and basing peace on social harmony in public and group consensus.

Women contend the same intellectual power as that of men and the only difference between the two is the physical appearance.

If a woman possessed sufficient power to give her the ability to enhance her physical abilities, then she shouldn’t have to be given the lighter and rather than acquire a weaker nation, she would have the equivalent strength of a man.

Monarchy was seen at this time to be a form of hereditary, in regards to the ruling class.

Then power for Machiavelli he believed that it is better to be feared than to be loved, which is a very interesting statement because majority those who are loved are respected, but to a certain extinct. People may get a mix up between friendship and dictatorship and they both may be confused and taken advantage of.

Machiavelli makes a very distinct difference in the importance of the state interests and an ideal citizen.

We can be further sure that he was persuading his readers to be treacherous masters of evil because he focused on nurturing the thoughtful skills of a ruler to administer restrained power over his subjects.

It is true that Machiavelli was sort of a brute because he made it clear that love was not the best basis for obtaining and wielding authority over others, but I am not one to say he is off because he is revealing that the love of a ruler exposing him to the evil of his subjects who are often amongst him.

John Locke was younger than Thomas Hobbes, however some seen him as equivalent with intellect.

Hobbes believe that liberty has always been around in civil society, to the extinct that we are not limited to law or any rules there of when human nature is to be isolated.

And he in fact shunned this idea of moral governance profusely.

So basically what they are both trying to stress is to have an orderly and stable nation they believe that human nature and behaviour should be ruled and based around a ruler who will force the rules following that of a monarchy government we will then have peace.

They both believe that the human psyche is weak and morally when faced with self gratification.

I believe the law is to punish those who know right from wrong.

Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes are considered teachers of evil because they focused on the statecraft and its needs rather than developing the moral qualities of the citizens occupying the statecraft.

He used militia force, and evil to become the king of Syracuse.

In an effort not to bore the reader with off-topic biographical information, I will simply inform you that Machiavelli was evolved from the Renaissance period as a great literary thinker of politics.

He is a teacher of political theory, which tells us that he is interested in teaching us how to attain power and glory without getting killed in the process.

Though humanists of Machiavelli’s time believed that an individual had much to offer to the well-being of the state, Machiavelli was quick to discuss human nature.

Machiavelli and the ideas Thomas Hobbes are interesting. Thinkers who both contributed their ideas. Some ideas that may be considered evil.

He obviously does not think very highly man.

Machiavelli had a harsh way of viewing things, but had no intention to be an evil intimidation.

Turkey’s relationship with the European Union is very complex and complicated.

The reforms that Mustafa Kemal underwent created a secular state and now Turkey wishes to further Westernize themselves by becoming a member state of the European Union.

Individuals with biases write some books that I find.

If American economists and policy makers fail to do something fast, history will repeat itself as it did during the great depression.

The administering of a survey will NOT be used in this process.

Is there a chain reaction that occurred? Cause and effect? Hook and sinker housing market foul play?

As a human being one must recognize and appreciate the world’s capacity to be an ever changing place, yet still have the knack for remaining the same.

To narrow China’s broad nature down to a specific viewpoint one must first initiate an informational analysis on the most pressing topic at hand, the Chinese Economy.

Technically these are not measurable concepts but they can be measured in a sense.

Plato was a Greek philosopher, who was taught by his mentor Socrates. Plato also had a student of his own student, Aristotle who helped lay the foundations of Western Philosophy. Plato was also a mathematician, writer of philosophical dialogues.

As an African America I feel as though these philosophers are not relevant to African Americas.

These philosophers have never mention anything regarding another walk of life.

For people consider his teaching to be immoralist or anomalism.

Machiavelli believe that the greatest moral good is a virtuous state and actions to protect the country are therefore justified even if they are curl

Thinkers such as Aristotle, Machiavelli, and Locke are all examples of thinkers who equivocated ideals that attempted to solve societal problems consequently causing their ideals to be universal and practical, sustaining a relevant message.

Much is to be learned from the thinking of philosophers such as Aristotle, among other ancient Greek philosophers, because has helped to discern certain characteristics of human nature.

Machiavelli then asserts that in order to successful rule, the ruler should rule by force rather than the law.

Plato to Rousseau has a plethora of things in common with black today, as well as in history in general.

Plato define republic as “The word “republic is from Latin: Res publica means “public matters” or “the state.”

There are some white political thinkers that have agreeable thoughts as black scholars such as Aristotle, Socrates, and W.E.B. Dubois.

Aristotle maintained that both monarchy and aristocracy were ideal forms of government, in the sense that they were practically impossible to achieve in reality.

This shows you that even though time has passed, our history still exist.

And it was also a lot of deceitful things that went on as well.

Our country is founded on democracy stemming from ancient Greece.

It is of disbelief that men would not want their daughters or vies to become educated because of the way that society shaped their thoughts.

It was a feeling she wanted other females to feel.

To have to be controlled by someone that didn’t even care if you were alive or dead.

To have to follow rules that were uncanny and be forced to do so.

I don’t believe that they are the least relevant to the people of their day because these political thinkers were subjected to their own thoughts and beliefs.

Rousseau believed that man in the state of nature was a good person, but he didn’t believe that humans would act morally in the state of nature.

Philosophers were worldly people and only a select few were privileged enough to become philosophers.

He believed that fortune favored the wealth prepared.

The United States is ran on a democratic system and seems to be working fine, besides the recession.

In America, past leaders have not been ordinary by any means; most of them come from wealthy backgrounds that also have had a hand in the economy or government.

For instance, in the United States many people cannot be trusted but that is true everywhere you are.

This period was written after the French were overtaken by the Agincourt.

History is built on the great minds of political thinkers such as Plato and Rousseau and they have left their everlasting mark on modern thoughts of politics.

Plato, who lived from 427 to 347 BCE, clearly conducted his teachings before the time of slavery.

Their re kingdoms that consist of black empires where we are governed by our own ideals.

The Penalties for being disobedience to the laws that have been set should be strictly enforced, and should never be reduced or rescinded.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher from Geneva, was a writer, and the composer of the Enlightenment.

In my opinion, I agree.

The result of this discussion will determine that Han, which has been sometimes called “the Chinese Machiavelli”, is a reasonable statement. Due to there similarities and differences expressed throughout the paper.

There are political thinkers between the times of Plato to Rousseau that could be considered significant to a certain group of people.

Many students may not identify who Plato was but, their teachers and professors is that identity.

Han Feizi would have looked down upon the teachings of Cicero in pertaining to law because the people had no cruel and unusual punishment to be scared in fear of.

Great American philosophers such as John Locke and me other great thinkers follow Cicero’s teachings on natural law.

Research is exactly what it states.

Not everything has a pay off. A person just needs to be blind sighted and actually just give back to the community without expecting applause.

To conclude, being able to have a hypothesis is being able not to wonder why it takes so long to write a paper.

After I spoke to Dr. Ledgister I realized that this topic was more sociable.

It is important for a researcher when doing research to make a decision whether in his/her research that they want to maintain objective and neutral or to serve the interest of his/her community.

It is important to serve in the interest of community because serving your community is your responsibility, it has an impact on your people, and makes the research more detailed.

There are many steps involved in most research where developing a hypothesis is not need is the beginning, with some research you do not need a hypothesis at all.

Also, it is important for the researcher to allow the concepts they are studying to be highly subjective.

Post college and even through college I have written many research designs, however I have never written a research design.

Apartheid represents a mordant period in the history of South Africa, when the policy of segregation and political and economic discriminating against non-European groups in South Africa.

These “pass books” hinder the colours from being average citizens of the United States of America.

Without voting this would be a country where one ruler makes the decisions for everyone in it but, fortunately we are not.

In my thesis, I will attempt to determine if America has come a long way for equal opportunity.

Simple scientific method is the primary way of solving ones questions to the universe, that as juveniles, and we were exposed to that system in our classrooms.

Rational is a part of the soul that weights out situations before doing them.

Women have always been under minded and not appreciated the most.

Developing a question and working out a hypothesis was a creative art, even though I was working within limits.

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