06 December 2008

aiming forward losing ground

though aiming forward we are losing ground
hearts may be filled with hope but our hard fate
is to be weighed and valued pound by pound
as the remainders of a great estate
the counters' duty it is to collate
what goes to storage and what to the worm
what will be buried to build up the berm
and what parts of the fortune they might keep
those who are watching are the very firm
our place is taken and we have to sleep

so much of what is said is to confound
the ones whose task it is to count and rate
the complete measure within proper bound
they aren't allowed to lie nor to inflate
the tiny parcels into something great
but must agree the winner is the germ
that strikes the mighty hard as they might squirm
and into every corner seems to creep
it's certain victory we can't affirm
our place is taken and we have to sleep

we wanted to astonish and astound
win the reward of gold and silver plate
have banknotes piled up in a giant mound
cart off bright jewels in a well-made crate
these are not the conditions we instate
we find ourselves most rotten and infirm
unable now to generate a therm
nor over lowest bar ever to leap
our weakness any fool now could confirm
our place is taken and we have to sleep

prince you may rule us for a certain term
since none of us has power to reaffirm
just what we were nor what we had to keep
within our power nor underneath each derm
our place is taken and we have to sleep

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