22 November 2008

ill fares the land

you counted golden the worth of your name
now see it tarnished by this acid rain
not generations will remove the stain
of knowing you thought life and death a game
worth playing just so you won greatest fame
while blood and water swirl down every drain
and soldiers laugh at each new orphan's pain
you speak of cities that might feel the flame
so fools cry out and call on you for aid
while skies turn darker and rivers run dry
your mighty shadow seems to many blessed
by divine power so you lead the parade
smiling as you're the focus of each eye
ready to guide us on with massive zest
but not so eager to confront the test
at sight of hardship your star seems to fade
and calls for effort lead your force to die
we ask for help but you won't make the grade
instead you look down from a brazen sky
as the red sun sinks into furthest west
the journey's long the hills hard to ascend
but choosing you is something we could mend

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