29 November 2008

ballade of doubt

no one will think an error self-corrects
blind folk see better than those who have led
our startled crew and learned from the effects
that it were better if they all had bled
completely flat and nothing more were said
it being time now to express true rage
and letting no kind words the mood assuage
we will not let the hero get the blame
it is our duty now to set the stage
before we pass into the final flame

the kind of man who his own thought collects
might think that there was time to prevent dread
but he who speaks knows best what he expects
when facing those who he with lies has fed
at the right moment when the world turns red
he has learned swiftly their weak minds to gauge
and shows himself to them as king and sage
while not revealing the whole thing is a game
there's no defence monocyte macrophage
before we pass into the final flame

you might have thought of these human defects
as bringing matters to a stirring head
but not a one here fact with fact connects
or sorts the clearly living from the dead
all are just here to earn a little bread
make some small money collect daily wage
for that alone they would their time engage
you might think that a kind of mortal shame
it's not their task to answer your hard gage
before we pass into the final flame

prince you might wonder at these things backstage
but they're the matter of our dying age
we say the words and give the facts a frame
but that's no more than simple persiflage
before we pass into the final flame

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