19 October 2008

in the swamps

across the solitudes a single moan
passes and we are locked into the plight
of one far distant who is not alone
although that pain is hidden from our sight
nothing is done by you in our despite
at invocation we will light the blaze
we see again the colder harder days

you know the value of a simple stone
and how to make it shed a little light
that will convert to something hardly known
to those who claim to be straight and forthright
our task is not to hasten nor excite
but to take you most swiftly through the maze
we see again the colder harder days

we know the colour of the human bone
and how to polish it and turn it bright
as instrument to punish and atone
plain cure for darkness and the coming blight
this product of the sacrificial height
must be exposed unto the divine gaze
we see again the colder harder days

hopes and desires are wholly overblown
what is to come will never give us right
nor any justice since the truth is flown
out of the window into the cold night
and what is left is not for our delight
no one would want to give us love or praise
we see again the colder harder days

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