12 October 2008

ballade of eternal war

some parts of memory are never green
pressed into service they cannot retire
nor can they hide behind a pleasant screen
too many symbols have come down the wire
too many songs been belted out by choir
it is the season for us to deceive
not just ourselves but those who have to grieve
and have no time to beg nor to deplore
so much their sorrow that we can't conceive
yet when we started we all knew the score

there is not time for anger nor for spleen
nor any sentiments we don't require
these are not matters to bee heard or seen
you aren't allowed to think nor to aspire
about such things don't bother to enquire
just take a breath and give the foe a heave
tell folks to go when it is time to leave
just say enough and not a sentence more
there is no good that any will achieve
yet when we started we all knew the score

our thoughts have all been branded as obscene
and all our books must go into the fire
our presence here shall soon have never been
that is the goal at which we must conspire
our signal glory is to be denier
of that which honest folk might all believe
remove those things so no one can retrieve
and once we've finished simply close the door
those who thought otherwise are just naïve
yet when when we started we all knew the score

prince there's so much that you will not achieve
because our target you just can't perceive
so many good materials we abhor
since all we do is shatter and bereave
yet when we started we all knew the score

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