25 September 2008

voice at the temple

so much to say and we are out of touch
with what belongs to our most secret heart
nothing remains not even a small crutch
to hold us up this is not on our part
the source of pain the reason for our smart
what makes us grow will lead us from the fire
take us to ease and much abate our ire
all that we plan to do is outlive shame
ignore the voices of the angry choir
and in our time ignite a living flame

what has been hidden in the deepest hutch
becomes a matter for the painter's art
it starts out little but it becomes much
we may not recognise it at the start
but learn to know it before we depart
as something never easy to acquire
a teaching that must pass from child to sire
that might reverse the meaning of the game
this is the thing about which we inquire
and in our time ignite a living flame

we make our manses pretty and as such
have many hidden words we must impart
before we let the visions leave our clutch
so we cannot allow the light to dart
our of our hands into the open mart
nor can we let you tune upon your lyre
the sounds that might with ease go even higher
instead we hold you down and keep you tame
insist that you do nothing but admire
and in our time ignite a living flame

prince you may think yourself a proper flyer
controller of your own life and desire
but there are forces here you dare not name
that will take over when at last you tire
and in our time ignite a living flame

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