26 August 2008

birthday eve

i say goodbye to one more worn-out year
it takes its tired way off the old stage
there's nothing left my sadness to assuage
a future comes with more than normal care
to challenge me and force me yet to dare
accept the perils that confront my age
discreetly as i can and still engage
with renewed wisdom and not without fear
so much depends on listening to pain
and knowing just what signals to ignore
but paying due attention to the sign
that stands out clearly even through the rain
reminding us just how close lies the shore
and what the price of every glass of wine


clarabella said...

Happy Birthday! Our youngest is born on 27th August – that's assuming that this sonnet is posted on the 26th with deliberate intent. Had I your e-mail, I'd send you a birthday card to make you laugh. I've been checking John's columns, by the way. and enjoying them. Be well. Pam

FSJL said...

Thanks Pam. The 27th is indeed my birthday. You should have my email. I know I've emailed your press in the past.

Be well too.


clarabella said...

Actually, I don't have your e-mail, though you have e-mailed the press. I won't bore you with why this is so, but it is so. You can find me at marpam@sympatico.ca If you pick this up, sen mi a likl mechij an you cyan av di birtday cyaad, no main it wi com lait.