02 June 2008

bureaucratic explanation

this is the way we treat the sacred game
not as a means to find the better way
but as a sort of cover for our shame
for fear the open steady solar ray
would our small dirty reasoning betray
we do not wish the world to understand
just how inadequate and far from grand
the thoughts and symbols we keep on our side
better to have some force at our command
we have so many things we need to hide

it's really so much easier to blame
the ones who interrupted us at play
than to explain the failing of the flame
we have no better means than this to sway
all those who come to hear us as we pray
to the vast absences above our land
and who will not obey shall soon be banned
all those who will not hear we shall deride
and every outcome we shall say was planned
we have so many things we need to hide

when we were young we thought the world was tame
and all good things would happen in a day
it was a simple as giving a name
but now we find it never was child's-play
to get through all the world is solid grey
no useful tool is ready to each hand
and all construction seems to be on sand
we start so well then we begin to slide
all of our power is swiftly unmanned
we have so many things we need to hide

prince when you find us lonely on the strand
you have to know just what we could withstand
there is so much we do just out of pride
but in the end we do not look so grand
you must above all clearly understand
we have so many things we need to hide

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