11 May 2008

Student Errors, Spring 2008

The question asks how would john Stuart mill interpret Walter Rodney? These two were very different intervals.

During those time liberty was expressed as free from political tyranny. Which, in his view, needs to be controlled by the liberty of the citizens.

Karl Marx was a modern liberal.

Wollstonecraft believed that education was an important tool for graining equality.

The Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens was the work in which implemented Gouges as one of the first true and modern feminist.

When examining this particular statement, it is more intellectually comprehensible to interpret the statement as “Confucius views the individual as composing the state; Plato views the state as composing the individual.”

During the Pre-Columbian period, economies performed well. Such societies beginning prior to European colonization, relied on agriculture, such as hunting and fishing; as well as jewelry and wool making. The societies also were knowledgeable about anatomy and astronomy. As a result, monies were not used in exchange for goods, bartering was the most common factor of trade. Yet, technological knowledge was lacking. The invention of the wheel and iron were scarce.

Columbia is currently located north of Ecuador, Peru and Brazil and to the west of Venezuela.

In recent years, the white population comprises of individuals migrating from European countries as well as Taiwan to participate in the growing economy as part of their business, investment opportunities, or to retire.

Because of the Somoza dictatorship and corruption, today’s Nicaraguan Constitution exclaims elected presidents and vice presidents serve five-year terms and those officials and their families are not allowed to be immediately reelected.

When rule want to be passed it has to go through the president.

The president is that strong figure who everyone is America looks up to in a positive and maybe even in a negative way, it just depends on your purgative.

He made these people believe the most idiotic entities.

However, we would end up nowhere if we believed that morality of doing good for others was due to the oppression of Jews.

African Americans have made a lot of historical progress in the last 21 centruies but that does not erase some of the issues at hand.

Aside from the fact that Hitler was responsible for the dead of many lives he also had historical beliefs and would not change them for no one.

Many problems the Goldman found women were faced with, was just about everything; from being doctors to save lives, to being political analyst that analyzed the nations government, to being a wife to the shadow of that particular woman’s husband.

For the men who know this true fact, I believe they are holding on to their manhood by, thinking they are the dictators in today’s society.

As with ancient politics, the ability to talk for long periods of time more so than keen oratorical skills was the factors for swaying the audience. But, Habermas combined the essence of oratory skills with the analytical skills of scientists to legitimize politics with valid standards.

Because women are considered to be the “Other”, being a man is in society was considered to be normal, and being a woman was out of the norm.

Being black was seen as the “second race” because they were viewed as less humane than white Americans.

The struggle for racial equality is akin to the struggle for racial equality because both of these groups of people were denied their natural rights as human beings.

Physical violence can only make things get worst and sometimes out of hand.

For many years, Dr. King marched with his family and many faithful followers from city to city in the south, to court house to court house wanting a change. People sometimes fail to realize that, being persistent will win in a person’s favour sooner or later, and that is what he was.

His methods of speaking are exactly what African Americans and Third World people. We as blacks know for a fact to tare someone down is through words. I know for myself, I would like physical violence done to me verses being ridiculed and having just anyone speak to me however they feel. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew this.

Many people living there [Trinidad and Tobago] were from the West Indies.

Once again I must implement, violence causes more violence, and sometimes people fight so long they forget what the fight was about to begin with. An example if that would be Iraq. The military went over there to show them that America is very strong and whatever issues they have with the United States need to be squished, since American holds the better end of the barging stick.

Dr. Frantz Fanon probably did not figure that, violence begets violence. It is a one-way street that turns into a dead end.

Political order is known to make possible the good things in life and liberty also known as freedom and liberty help enable that.

No one chooses to be unwealthy.

Sex is a natural urge and because in a marriage sex is a natural act, the man decided when where and how often sex was performed.

Morality requires that humans conform to a set of ideals and principles that provide for a socially ordered society.

Morality incubuses all standards of living that society deems important, and essentially defines all roles in society.

In America the moral standard for women is different from that of a man. Women are often times forced to suppress their sexuality for fear of being called promiscuous, while men have allows been justified in their sexual explorations.

This was where you sit one on one with a group of people (black & improvised, mainly) and listen to everyone’s concerns.

Ultimately I agree with these three philosophers, and find them relevant to society, because America embodies “political animal,” that freely gets to entered into our social contract that allows you to pursue life, liberty and property.

The political theories of Confucius and Mencius are like Mo Tzu’s irrelevant to today because they focus on what the individual needs to do to create a better society.

Goldman’s theories would argue that Hillary Clinton is just as capable as other males, to become president.

I will discuss the influences of followed by my perspective on the three theorists I think is particularly relevant to my life and to American politics in the 21st century.

Bob Marley would become a Rastafarianism after returning to Jamaica in 1966.

To many Jamaicans and Rastafarians worldwide, Bob Marley is nearly godlike status among them.

They all got the chains of oppression and segregation broken off the Africans and African decades.

All three theorists are just relevant in the past as they are in the present and future.

The older members are either ex-Gravesites or sympathizers of his movement.

Now of days you can find members of the group as high as the elite class.

The ideas of Rastafarianism and Bob Marley do have relevance to black people today because if they didn’t , there wouldn’t be anymore peace rallies.

Woman was given two responsibilities and those were to reproduce and the other was to stay home.

As a 15 year old young man in Martinique, the French soldiers became was Fanon called “authentic racists.”

Athens, Greece, the birthplace of democracy, provided socio-political scenery for both Pericles and Aristotle.

Governing is a form of social control that comes from an understanding in society.

He derived this theory into print in 1849.

He understands that this is unclear but seeks to find it.

Malcolm X, another theorist believed in the second coming of the black struggle.

He felt the way to do this was through non-violent ways. This to him was the most violent weapon a person could be equipped with.

Following the methods of Mohandas Gandhi during the Indian struggle for independence from Britain, King implemented a system of nonviolence to protest against the racially disadvantaged system in the United States.

Walzer’s preference for affirmative action programs in a modern society are imperative because they assist in institutionalizing those who were once disenfranchised.

He further explains that Christian ethics of “rest not evil with force” will not work in politics.

A lot of people especially me are beginning to believe that there is no such thing as liberty anymore.

Modern political theory to me is always up in the air because there are no consistencies in society the is always a constant change, and it is always questioned then accepted versus given a chance first and then questioned later.

You can build a house on top of a house or you cant half way tear down a fence and expect to build another on from that because you are still going to have some of the problems from the old fence that is going to keep the new fence from reaching it full potential.

Guyanese activist and Marxist scholar Walter Rodney emerged from post-colonial colonial struggles throughout the mid 20th century.

Goldman fought for equality among genders.

Martin Luther King was born into a family which was well established in Atlanta and school was often forced upon him and his siblings.

Dr. King, if still alive would more than likely assist and aid in the Third World countries striving to help achieve peace and love.

The Whigs, to which Burke was a member of, called themselves friends of the people because they were advocates of freedoms and liberties for the middle and lower class citizens.

Another problem with liberal democracy having to do with majority rule is that true forms of this type of government believe that civil societies are the best way to live.

It can become life of death situations.

Each belief is different in its own way.

Rather than Burke being a supporter of liberty, Burke valued the perception of conservatism, and believed that this idea surfaced in the response of the Revolution.

John Stuart Mill is another political thinker who does not uphold the value of liberty.

Karl Marx was a philosopher, but he was best known for being a revolutionary communist, and had a big impact on the development of the modern world. Marx’s theory of history is centered on the idea that the development of society is based on the delaying of human productivity.

To Malcolm X non-violence would not work because the whites were hostile to them so they must be the same.

For example, Calvin and John are father and son respectfully.

Calvin ends up dieing of a hear attack.

Many modern political theorists tend to identify Marxism as form of struggle faced by racist individuals.

Dr. King was an advocate for economic injustice among all racial groups.

Upon tarnishing women were ostracized, alienated, disowned, and/or marginalized for their act of premarital sex.

Women were often times dehumanized by inaccessibility to birth control.

After the overthrow of injustice it is understood that the people would constitute a new government that best fits but keeps in tack their lives, liberties and estates.

Dr. Martin Luther King understood all of these notions and implemented aspects of each to effect change in the 19th century American system and to inspire the social ineptness of the world.

This statement is completely wrong for so many interconnected and disconnected reasons.

Although Dr. King emphasized social justice among all people, he was aware of the fact that it could not be achieved just by the intertwining of races in society physically but rather the unity of people as a whole.

While other theorists fall short, John Stuart Mill, one of the first seemingly male feminists, assumes the role of expressing his passion for women’s equality.

After the slave trade, Africans were displaced all over the worlds, in different continents, cities, and communities.

From the law policies to language infringements, Fanon was influenced and pressured into a different culture and national consciousness at an early age.

Having a diverse family background, Fanon was not victim to homogenous culture at birth.


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