29 April 2008

and then just vanishing

you want to see what lurks beyond the scrim
a normal thought erupting in each brain
and what is spoken can't be shut again
you know the word illuminates the dim
turns plainest song into the deepest hymn
and lets each know just what they can attain
so much is set out on the open plain
by those who accept what is not so grim
this choice is made by one who speaks aloud
what in the silence should not have been said
to those who coming would find all set out
for those who could not bear the larger crowd
but would have wanted all the tables spread
and had their orders writ to settle doubt
that was enough to let the foolish shout
but you might not have known this being too proud
to show to those who watched the normal dread
we would not now expect to be allowed
to suffer or to be sent out instead
these are the signs as far as we can tell
that only patience ever could dispel

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