31 March 2008

one little dance

we learn the limits of all modes of strife
our hearts are set within one final zone
there is one thing that's valued more than life

the pain we feel cuts right down to the bone
and this is not what we are meant to find
the normal heart is simply turned to stone

each king of men finds that he is still blind
to what the normal soul desires and needs
while there's no limit to the human mind

there are clear boundaries to human deeds
and we've not yet the singular clear eye
that will see through the nonsense of the creeds

and penetrate the most well-varnished lie
to find the diamond hidden in the coal
that can't be covered though we might apply

the greatest effort and the most control
to keep our secret to the furthest end
but there's no hiding place no deepest hole

from that hard vision nowhere we can send
our cherished hearts this is the oldest tale
that any know and no one could pretend

that we have any older we can't fail
to tell our story in the open square
it is as classic as a bill of sale

these are not matters for the common air
but must be passed from hand to weary hand
until we at last come to those who dare

resist the pressure of the heavy band
and teach us how to take our place and dance
on the far shore on the clean golden sand

you say that there is only some small chance
that things will come out good and clear and right
and matters will be as in old romance

that may be so but we hope for the light

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