08 January 2008

no random vagrant noise

a kind of freedom which no one could name
beyond the limits of our common day
choices are made about a life of play
while round about others construct a frame
of honour duty service and acclaim
no sun may set in that new western bay
until the youngest folk have learned the way
and not a thing will then remain the same
now here and there we see another sort
whose minds and bodies take a better shape
to fill the vision and rejoice the mind
we do not take this for the long and short
until we know just who will breast the tape
and to just memory is then consigned
this is not what any would leave behind
or any signal to flee or abort
any attempt to survive or escape
the sentence of the highest human court
still we will not allow a simple scrape
to pause our plans to form the undefined
into the matter of our deepest joys
more music and no random vagrant noise

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