01 January 2008

in midst of winter

if all of us say just what we most know
perhaps we’ll reach a point to understand
how things move fast and how they move so slow
what truths are noble and just what sayings are grand
for only fools would always choose the bland
when what we all need is just a little spice
the finest palate to trap and entice
such matters reach even the highest tower
but you need not accept any advice
in midst of winter we wait for the flower

the ages change but always belle and beau
will face to face at close of evening stand
no shallow waters in each heart could flow
there’s no mistaking music of the band
for truth of heart but still on warmest sand
on tropic shores far from the arctic ice
each of us finds that meaning has a price
and though the foolish at all lovers glower
for all of time a long kiss should suffice
in midst of winter we wait for the flower

distant here from both the warmth and snow
we find the moment of our hope unplanned
all that we see is in each other’s glow
knowing that at long last we’ve come to land
that where we are is always golden strand
and this is the best rolling of the dice
the truth’s best told in ways clear and concise
though longest lifetime seem but a short hour
achieving joy is never sacrifice
in midst of winter we wait for the flower

prince you have seen how proper and precise
this life can be we here reject all vice
and put into each other’s hands the power
to keep in focus and not underprice
love that links threads in a most mighty splice
in midst of winter we wait for the flower

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