05 January 2008

i would not ask

i would not ask for any of your gold
bad eyes are watching from surrounding heights
your safety is not certain through these nights
but wait the story still has to unfold
in ways that others deem most uncontrolled
no one you've met has ever known such sights
and powers unmentioned have you dead to rights
on days which warm will rapidly turn cold
as sunlight vanishes with sudden haste
and other folk rejoice to see it shine
i hear the ice start clinking in the stream
such minor tragedies most folk have faced
and do not take the weather for a sign
nor wonder at the meaning of each dream
the thunder's presence adds to the odd gleam
electric colours you could almost taste
and untold energy throbs down the line
now such clear memories have been erased
you and i moan but we're told things are fine
both fear and anger are marked as extreme
so we wait here earnest quiet and grave
knowing that patience by itself won't save

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