03 January 2008

another shore to scan

load everything onto the old mule-cart
no time for any sort of record now
into the distance others lightly dart
but we have got to move by sweat of brow
on foot beside the stubborn mule and cow
until we reach the coast and the last port
to see the frigate birds soar and cavort
and hope thence swiftly to escape the ban
before from us more gold they might extort
hoping one day another shore to scan

the journey's cursed almost before we start
because we have forgot to kneel and bow
and show due courtesy as we depart
soon enough we'll be watching from the prow
and hoping for the gifts that you'll endow
to those like us of the far lesser sort
demanding that we properly comport
ourselves that each will be the proper man
knowing that we have duties of import
hoping one day another shore to scan

there's knowledge not set down upon the chart
to guide our trip and keep us safe somehow
(we learn these matters of the seaman's art)
as we all board this old and wretched scow
our pasts and names we have to disavow
unless we want our purpose to abort
upon the coast we shed our last escort
to head to where the true journey began
and risk our lives to send back true report
hoping one day another shore to scan

prince to vulgarities you might resort
since we'll do more than what these words purport
not for your pride nor for your noble clan
still less for reasons of mere play or sport
we'll risk the chance our wishes come up short
hoping one day another shore to scan

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