28 December 2007

what's most desired

the way to hope long ago closed and barred
gives us good reason to smile at this hour
each memory we cherish then discard
our faces turn from smiling to quite dour
the tastes experienced from sweet to sour
we left the ship tied up at the north quay
turning our backs on the long time at sea
not needing much our feet here to persuade
towards the places only fools would flee
our efforts guarantee we'll make the grade

the wishes we once made have long been marred
by those who find it easier to glower
and leave the hopeful only a sharp shard
our hearts confronting this must quail and cower
around us now the harsh winds rush and scour
allowing not a one simply to be
what we would want nobody would agree
that in the tempest only those afraid
of horrid consequence refuse to see
our efforts guarantee we'll make the grade

those choices never made turn out quite hard
the villains never great are just a shower
of foolish sorts against whom we must guard
and who should never be allowed much power
so that the worst will never come to flower
there are not many who would make the plea
against the ones who hold the golden key
to step aside and just end their charade
that is no reason for such prideful glee
our efforts guarantee we'll make the grade

prince you may watch as under the great tree
the many halt and brew their morning tea
waiting like all of us for the parade
each of us pays the standard entrance fee
since nothing in this life is truly free
our efforts guarantee we'll make the grade

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