12 December 2007

upon the coldest peak

there is no safety of that we must warn
the vast majority who know no fact
that can be taught we will not here extract
from you or anyone just what was sworn
by those whose hearts and kidneys have been torn
on highest slopes we see the titan racked
who by the divine vulture has been tracked
whiles muses speak to those as yet unborn
a tyrant would not leave the hero bound
for any rescue by heroic sort
but strike him down and slay him out of hand
the story we've been told turns out unsound
lacking sufficient proof to stand in court
the message we have heard is not so grand
though having heard it we can't understand
why we don't swiftly surely go to ground
seeking firm refuge in a secure fort
still we've been tracked by no gigantic hound
upon the peak we will not be caught short
but held together in a warrior band
we know that we have not come to the end
allowing us to know our truest friend

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