24 December 2007

the truest tale

the truest tale's that one below the fold
about the monster that lurked by the door
so ugly that the hero's blood ran cold
a thing he said that did not chance before
but more surprises yet they had in store
and many a twist and turn the country lane
until he heard not far away the train
and smelled hot fury of the burning coal
until that point he'd thought himself insane
but now he saw things were under control

long time ago the world was not so old
as it is now but we were very poor
and did not know we had been bought and sold
by those who thought the hero would not score
a victory they would never restore
all things to order that was now quite plain
but following a hero's never vain
and he at least could see the final goal
matters might have been bad then in the main
but now he saw things were under control

i know the story's been so much retold
to furnish hope and build esprit de corps
but neither matters quite so much as gold
since every helper turns out quite the whore
and hunger is the need that's at the fore
while everyone knows how to cleanse the stain
and water's not as tasty as champagne
the hero had to win not just console
there was a time when others got the gain
but now he saw things were under control

prince from all comment you must now abstain
such matters of good stories are the bane
for good sound coin it's wise to sell your soul
the hero had to overcome all pain
and struggled much for glory to obtain
but now he saw things were under control

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