08 December 2007


we do not understand all that we claim
but to declare our purpose takes no gall
we being immune to horror and to shame
the other choices seem to us too small
and it's our turn to laugh and have a ball
the images and sounds will all cascade
and no one will believe the masquerade
but hold their heads and hope we're not too shrill
but our task is to call a spade a spade
we have the magic and we've got the will

the rules allow no one to take the blame
if you should fumble and release the ball
we don't accept that you aren't truly tame
and it's your fault we got into this brawl
the signs we see may frighten or appall
but you can't let us languish in the shade
we don't yet comprehend the thing you made
but your hot blood we're quite willing to spill
by gun or bomb or those with the white blade
we have the magic and we've got the will

we think that any challenge will be lame
and won't delay or even briefly stall
our great advantage in the deadly game
our enemies may hide beneath a shawl
but can't withstand a momentary squall
the best of victories becomes a parade
and none who rose up but was not dismayed
and in their hearts was felt a heavy chill
that did the most their courage to dissuade
we have the magic and we've got the will

prince now you know we've made the grade
you see how they retreat when we upbraid
they see our power and recognise our skill
none will stand up to skirmish nor to raid
as through their blood to triumph we shall wade
we have the magic and we've got the will

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