15 December 2007

no easy conquest

the force that faces us is harsh and stark
and though it is the way we most abhor
our sole defence is to rely on dark
not for its understanding or rapport
but for a power from which to extract more
than human spirits normally could spare
so that it gather's in the midnight air
until we can its full purpose assign
what happens then we simply will not care
we drink our final toast in the best wine

you note that in the distance is the mark
we have most feared since leaving our last door
on hearing the large dogs begin to bark
the beings that will swiftly slash and gore
laughing as they made our life's blood pour
at all the sufferings we would not bear
as at our tender flesh they roughly tear
so at the urgent final rally sign
our hope's to drag them all into a snare
we drink our final toast in the best wine

this is no safe and verdant rural park
but open to each angry shout and roar
and ready to ignite at the least spark
as understood by all who know the score
but we might still our tattered hope restore
causing our foes to do more than beware
the day may still be ours all gone quite clear
and it may yet our victory enshrine
or at the very least give them a scare
we drink our final toast in the best wine

prince you would give us counsels of despair
to lay our arms down in the village square
but that is not our wish nor our design
although our luck may hang on a thin hair
we're not the yielders in this hard affair
we drink our final toast in the best wine

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