04 December 2007

a longer darker journey

we take the measure as we take the train
from what we know straight into the unknown
and more than that would just be cause for pain
by the days end each bird will long have flown
away from us into the empty zone
and none of us will have the ready sign
to set each other free to disconfine
those who'd be trapped until the final thaws
it's not the palm for which the most we pine
but for the ones who understand the laws

the warnings that we got were straight and plain
not marked with talk of virgin wife or crone
instead we learned we went against the grain
that this cornmeal was not the best for pone
and yet we did not comprehend the tone
nor the clear implication to resign
and cede our place in the advancing line
lest we should meet the dragon with great jaws
we don't praise heroes who'd the free confine
but for the ones who understand the laws

the matters of great sorrow in the main
make us surprised that we are not alone
still we may hear that story yet again
before our senses are completely blown
without a sigh a murmur nor a groan
each act is part of a brave grand design
we'd not be happy for the ones who'll shine
but for the ones who understand the laws

prince not once have you gone beyond the line
of saying that's what common can't be mine
your heart is still much warmer than a stone
you toast us in the year's first sweetest wine
and ask us all to join you when you dine
but for the ones who understand the laws

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