22 December 2007

fresh hope

whatever happens we will see you rise
to heights where others have not been before
the world unfolds itself before your eyes
too often you've been told just to adore
the ones who tell you that they know the score
that those who order are a higher breed
than you or i that they have greater need
for all the benefits money could buy
pay no attention to that ancient creed
the only limits are above the sky

you might have been permitted to surmise
that you had not been taught the complete lore
for fear that too soon would come the goodbyes
perhaps that's so but that touches no core
of all the matters that soon should outpour
from the first moment we planted the seed
we knew a time would come for urgent speed
in consequence we shall tell you no lie
true glory comes in how you do the deed
the only limits are above the sky

we'll send you out with due care and supplies
knowing that very soon you'll take the fore
and proper place among those who are wise
the vastnesses and wonders you'll explore
and find the magic never turns to chore
to all the warnings you'll pay proper heed
always go forward never retrocede
take all the chances that you will espy
don't be detained by foolishness or greed
the only limits are above the sky

young man no future's ever been decreed
nor are there angels that might intercede
there are no magic beings that can fly
but many who might seek you to mislead
learn all the signs to understand and read
the only limits are above the sky

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