10 December 2007

difficulty solved

a little time to clean off all the rust
by honestly applying elbowgrease
and we will then face down the uppercrust
so they'll find out that we aren't simple geese
or sheep from which to plainly take the fleece
there are so many things they have not seen
but we are not the patsies that we've been
and have now learned enough for our own good
we'll do much more than merely vent our spleen
our hope is liberty and brotherhood

the past it turns out was not all a bust
we learn so much when others think it peace
remaining silent when we know we must
but ready when we need to speak our piece
we give our hearts and words needed release
our minds are sharp and wits are razor-keen
our weapons are not hidden by a screen
and we have learned from what we have withstood
there is no doubt exactly what we mean
our hope is liberty and brotherhood

we will break through with one directed thrust
the time of patience and of calm will cease
and you'll be left half-quaking in the dust
protected by no troops and no police
we will not dance and sing for your caprice
there is no aid that comes ultramarine
you had your time and power upon the scene
but we have learned and we have understood
your thoughts and wishes matter not a bean
our hope is liberty and brotherhood

prince all your power we judge to be obscene
we will not bow before a lord or queen
the only proper guide's the common good
the world is much more than a mere machine
we want things honest and we need them clean
our hope is liberty and brotherhood

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