06 December 2007

desires and magics

we see the world as tragedy not farce
but doing that is seriously off-base
our knowledge not sufficient for the case
since there are grammars that we cannot parse
the choices here are always rather sparse
but we are not the victims of false grace
truths are well-written in each normal face
and every clown must fall upon his arse
our hearts keep rising from the common ruck
desires and magics claim an equal chance
but we are not so clever as we think
we see bright flowers yet we may not pluck
measure is added to the daily dance
and always we are too close to the brink
we listen but we cannot hear the clink
since all that falls will end up in the muck
and only fools and horses have to prance
an effort only not to speak nor drink
take a small time to stay calm and unstuck
the hero and the fool may both advance
in proper time the paths and ways will harden
so that we find our way back to the garden

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