20 December 2007


the truth is not something that any blurt
in words and phrases suitable for court
nor yet a matter easy to assert
even on subjects of greatest import
we resent every injury or tort
but will not against any foes combine
our plans are individual by design
and we are not to rash adventures prone
we will not be submissive or supine
but stand as solid as the walls of stone

there's proper time to wave the bloody shirt
as both initiative and stern retort
we would not have you think us just inert
nor think that our hopes are easy to thwart
we're never safe not even in strong fort
but need to stand firm and to hold the line
against the ones we know to be mere swine
our weapons we have ready from the hone
they will not find us to be passive kine
but stand as solid as the walls of stone

our tasks require that we stay on alert
a warning's never seen as jest or sport
we aren't the ones who'll fall into the dirt
only a fool would think to catch us short
and to their shaping we shall not contort
our plans and purposes but will define
the manner how our forces shall align
and cut their bodies right down to the bone
we shall not show weakness or lack of spine
but stand as solid as the walls of stone

prince we shall not to any threat resign
ourselves to be the ones whose heads incline
before some lord who sits upon a throne
to serve him while he and his vassals dine
we will not cower and we shall never whine
but stand as solid as the walls of stone

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